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Putting the "real" back into reality television, Australian Story is an award-winning documentary series with no narrator and no agendas — just authentic stories told entirely in people's own words. Take 30 minutes to immerse yourself in the life of an extraordinary Australian. They're sometimes high profile, sometimes controversial, but always compelling. It’s television guaranteed to make you think and feel.

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Australian Story has 24 seasons with a total of 901 episodes.

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Season 24 - Episode 32

Forever Young

17-year-old Ursula Barwick vanished without a trace in 1987, leaving her family in limbo for three decades. When the truth was finally revealed it raised serious questions about the police investigation.

Season 24 - Episode 31

Last Drinks

After almost killing herself through alcohol abuse, Shanna Whan started a movement to change the pervasive culture of alcohol in rural Australia. Now she travels the country with the message "It's OK to say no to a beer."

Season 24 - Episode 30

Art of the Possible

Vincent Fantauzzo went from menial jobs and petty crime to painting portraits of Heath Ledger, Julia Gillard and wife Asher Keddie. He describes his dyslexia as a gift allowing him to see the world from a unique perspective.

Season 24 - Episode 29

Eye of the Storm

In the NSW mid-north coast town of Kempsey, principal Mark Morrison brushes close to the rules to give troubled teens their last chance at a high school education. He seems headed for a record number of student graduations.

Season 24 - Episode 28

Boots and All

Craig Foster built a formidable reputation as a football player and broadcaster. But when Bahraini footballer and refugee Hakeem Al-Araibi, was imprisoned in Thailand, he led a global media campaign to fight for his freedom.

Season 24 - Episode 27

Crime and Punishment

Released on parole after 12 years incarcerated in Bulgaria for murder, Jock Palfreeman's fight for justice saw him caught up in bitter political struggle threatening the Bulgaria's diplomatic relationship with Australia.

Season 24 - Episode 26

Somerton Man

More than 70 years after an unidentified body was found on an Adelaide beach, a solution may be in sight to the long running mystery of the Somerton Man. Will modern DNA testing finally give him a name and unearth the truth?

Season 24 - Episode 25

Getting Away with Murder

Brothel madam Shirley Finn was shot through the head on a Perth golf course in 1975. After her daughter's 10-year battle to discover who killed her mother, an inquest hears fresh allegations of possible police involvement.

Season 24 - Episode 24

Perfect Strangers

Emma and Richard Austin endured ten years of gruelling fertility treatment in their quest for a baby. But a surprise offer came from a couple facing the dilemma of managing their leftover embryos. The gift became baby Henry.

Season 24 - Episode 23

A Fortunate Life - Paul Hogan (Part 2)

After the success of Crocodile Dundee, Paul Hogan had the world at his feet. But when he left his wife of 30 years for co-star Linda Kozlowski the media turned. Candid insights from Paul, his family, friends and colleagues.

Season 24 - Episode 22

A Fortunate Life - Paul Hogan (Part 1)

As Paul Hogan prepares to celebrate his 80th birthday next month, he sits down with Australian Story for a look back over his remarkable life and career.

Season 24 - Episode 21

The Good Fight

When ABC broadcaster Jill Emberson was told she had ovarian cancer, she opted to go public and go loud. Fighting the deadliest of all women's cancers, Jill decided to advocate for more awareness and funding.

Season 24 - Episode 20

The Last Bow

The Choir of Hard Knocks took homeless people and turned them into a choir. Charismatic choirmaster Jonathon Welch guided them through thick and thin, but after a decade he's moving on, to concentrate on his foster children.

Season 24 - Episode 19

Last Train to Boree Creek

We look at the life of Former Deputy PM Tim Fischer, who inspired deep affection from the public and across the political divide. Just weeks before he died, his family invited us to his last public engagement in his hometown.

Season 24 - Episode 18

An Innocent Abroad (Part 2)

Part 2 of Yoshe Taylor's incredible fight for justice as she speaks out for the first time since being released from a Cambodian prison to warn others of the scam that's turning innocent people into unsuspecting drug mules.

Season 24 - Episode 17

An Innocent Abroad (Part 1)

Australian Story returns with a two-part exclusive program on the shocking story of Yoshe Taylor - a Queensland mother duped into smuggling drugs for an international syndicate.

Season 24 - Episode 16

After the World Ended

When Malaysian airlines flight MH17 was shot down over the Ukraine, the loss of Perth children Mo, Evie, Otis and granddad Nick touched the nation. For the first time, their parents reveal how they rebuilt their world.

Season 24 - Episode 15

Lady Justice

The history-making fall and rise of Debbie Kilroy, from high security prisoner to high profile lawyer and her freedom fight that's taking a new and novel direction.

Season 24 - Episode 14

The Wronged Man

The victim of a miscarriage of justice, Andrew Mallard spent 12 years in jail for murder. His conviction was quashed after uncovering a trail of deception and police misconduct, but his life ended in a cruel twist of fate.

Season 24 - Episode 13

Just Call Me Bob - Hawke Remembered

Australian Story celebrates the extraordinary life of former PM Bob Hawke, who died aged 89. Featuring rare photos from the family's private collection and revealing interviews with Hawke and those who knew and loved him.

Season 24 - Episode 12

Out of the Box

Vocal gymnast Kate Miller-Heidke opens up to Australian Story about the private pain behind the very personal song 'Zero Gravity', which she will perform at the Eurovision semi-finals in Tel Aviv on Wednesday 15 May.

Season 24 - Episode 11

Cry Me A River

When 21-year-old Menindee farmer Kate McBride found thousands of dying fish in the Darling River she was determined to tell what was happening and become a fierce advocate, testing the water and documenting locals' concerns.

Season 24 - Episode 10

Mina Guli: Running on Empty

How far would you push yourself for a cause you believe in? Mina Guli attempted 100 marathons in 100 days, showing the extent someone will push their body to raise awareness to the global water crisis and create change.

Season 24 - Episode 9

The Kids Are Alright

In an intimate portrait movie directors Jocelyn Moorhouse and PJ Hogan speak candidly about the challenges, heartbreak and unexpected joys of raising two severely autistic children and the sacrifices they have willingly made.

Season 24 - Episode 8

The Seekers: A World of Their Own

The Seekers blazed a trail for Australian music during the 1960's. In a television first, all four members come together to reminisce about their ride to the top and reveal the pain behind their famous break-up.

Season 24 - Episode 7

The Invisible Man

The extraordinary story of Behrouz Boochani, the stateless refugee who won Australia's richest literary award while living on Manus Island, but remains unable to set foot in this country.

Season 24 - Episode 6

Telling Tales

Writer and comedian Rosie Waterland has made a successful career out of seeing the funny side of her traumatic childhood. The darker things get in Rosie's life, the funnier she becomes.

Season 24 - Episode 5

It Takes a Village

Follow the triumphant story of Bhutanese conjoined twins Nima and Dawa after the ground-breaking Australian operation to separate them. With exclusive vision and interviews as they return to their remote Himalayan home.

Season 24 - Episode 4

A Bitter Pill

Survivors of the morning sickness drug Thalidomide take their fight for justice to Canberra's Parliament House in a last-ditch battle for recognition, compensation and an apology.

Season 24 - Episode 3

Behind the Mask: Mike Willesee

Remember the life of legendary broadcaster Mike Willesee who died of throat cancer in March 2019. Mike's career spanned five decades, shaping current affairs in Australia and was known as the best interviewer in the business.

Season 24 - Episode 2

Call the Doctor

A disillusioned young outback doctor experiences a series of traumatic events that lead to the most positive and unexpected of outcomes.

Season 24 - Episode 1

Back on Track

Legendary actor Jack Thompson was 48 hours away from death when his kidneys failed, forcing him into a lifetime of dialysis treatment. A purple truck from the desert kept him alive to film his most important role yet.

Season 23 - Episode 35

The Burning Question

As another terrible bushfire season approaches, Australian Story looks at the tragic case of Black Saturday arsonist Brendan Sokaluk and asks what lessons we can learn.

Season 23 - Episode 34

Independent's Day

When celebrity TV doctor Kerryn Phelps first spoke about her same-sex relationship on Australian Story in 1998, it was revolutionary. 20 years later we catch up with the newly-elected Wentworth MP and her journey to Canberra.

Season 23 - Episode 33

Hell's Angel

Perth woman Ann O'Neill suffered an unimaginable loss 24 years ago. Since then she's devoted her life to helping others survive dark times, transforming tragedy into hope to become one of Australia's foremost trauma experts.

Season 23 - Episode 32

Close Contact

Two boys from rival schools suffer catastrophic spinal damage on the Rugby field, ending up in hospital together. As they contemplate possible quadriplegia they discover a strength of character far beyond their years.

Season 23 - Episode 31

Call Me Harrison

As former Deputy PM Tim Fischer battles a life-threatening illness, he takes solace in knowing his autistic adult son has found his place in the world. At 25, Harrison now works helping primary schoolers and has his own home.

Season 23 - Episode 30

No Surrender

The extraordinary ongoing story of Justin Yerbury, a world expert on motor neurone disease who has developed the condition himself. Despite complications from major surgery in January, his achievements continue to amaze.

Season 23 - Episode 29

Hope Springs

For over a decade, Australian Story has followed farmer Peter Andrews and his controversial methods to drought-proof the land. During one of the worst droughts in memory the results at Mulloon Creek are giving cause for hope.

Season 23 - Episode 28


Prince Harry spoke exclusively to Australian Story ahead of the Invictus Games which will open in Sydney. One of the competitors will be Garry Robinson, a former commando who narrowly survived a Black Hawk helicopter crash.

Season 23 - Episode 27

The Story of Samuel

Samuel Symons, son of TV personality Red Symons, inspired everyone around him during his courageous battle with cancer. He passed away last week at age 27. His mother Elly introduces this Australian Story from 2010.

Season 23 - Episode 26

The Skin You're In

Taryn Brumfitt is behind a global movement inspiring women to make peace with their bodies. Tired of striving for an impossible ideal she proudly posted a photograph of her 'real' self online. The response was extraordinary.

Season 23 - Episode 25

The Town that Saved Itself

The town of Whyalla, SA was facing extinction when the owner of the local steelworks went bust. Desperate to save their jobs, employees voted for a pay cut which was rewarded when billionaire Sanjeev Gupta came to town.

Season 23 - Episode 24

The Show Must Go On

Yellow Wiggle Emma Watkins looks back over the most challenging year of her life and speaks exclusively about her health problems, marriage breakdown and plans for the future.

Season 23 - Episode 23

The Teacher's Wife

The case of missing Sydney mother Lyn Dawson has captivated audiences around the world since the release of The Teacher's Pet podcast. The next chapter of the story features exclusive interviews with friends and family.

Season 23 - Episode 22

Out of the Woods

From a homeless alcoholic living in the wild to academic success and a book deal - the amazing comeback story of forest dweller Gregory Smith.

Season 23 - Episode 21

Meet You in Paris

Mark and Julie Wallace faced every parent's worst nightmare when their 21-year-old daughter Sara Zelenak was killed in a London terror attack last year. Now they're channelling their energies into creating a fitting legacy.

Season 23 - Episode 20

Leading the Way

One of the toughest jobs in town comes up for grabs at Sydney's Wayside Chapel when pastor Graham Long decides to retire. Having ministered the homeless and vulnerable for the past 14 years, who can he find to fill his shoes?

Season 23 - Episode 19

From Behind Bars

Serving a 30-year prison sentence for killing four of her young children, Kathleen Folbigg speaks for the first time about her case. As she seeks a judicial review, an independent forensic pathologist reviews the evidence.

Season 23 - Episode 18

Running From Empty

For the first time, celebrity chef Matt Golinski speaks about overcoming the unthinkable - the loss of his wife and three daughters in a house fire - and through his long and painful rehabilitation how he found love again.

Season 23 - Episode 17

Blood on the Tracks (Part 2)

As journalist Allan Clarke digs deeper into events on the night Mark Haines died he discovers more about his last few hours. As he cracks the case wide open he is led to the man he believes is the killer.

Season 23 - Episode 16

Blood on the Tracks (Part 1)

When the body of Mark Haines was found on the train tracks near Tamworth in 1988, police quickly dismissed any idea of foul play. But after a 5 year investigation, journalist Allan Clarke believes he may have found the truth.

Season 23 - Episode 15

The Massimo Mission

When baby Massimo Damiani was struck down by a mystery disease, his father set out to discover its genetic origins. After a stunning scientific breakthrough Stephen Damiani is now helping to develop a radical new treatment.

Season 23 - Episode 14

The Choirmaster

A charismatic choirmaster takes a group of women from central Australia to Germany on an unlikely and remarkable road trip.

Season 23 - Episode 13

Baby Steps

Twenty months after Claudine Fitzgibbon underwent groundbreaking surgery to help her unborn child, Australian Story checks in to see how baby Harvey is progressing.

Season 23 - Episode 12

The Justice Principle (Part 2)

Dassi Erlich and her sisters' campaign to extradite their former headmistress from Israel to Australia takes a dramatic twist when an undercover operation produces compelling new evidence.

Season 23 - Episode 11

The Justice Principle (Part 1)

It's a decade since Dassi Erlich and her two sisters began campaigning to bring their former headmistress Malka Leifer to justice. As they edge towards their goal they reveal the personal cost of their extraordinary battle.

Season 23 - Episode 10

Dear Emma

A young woman grapples with a deadly diagnosis while waging a campaign against the biggest cancer killer of her generation.

Season 23 - Episode 9

When The War Is Over

When a war-torn commando takes on an uncaring defence establishment he has little idea of the backlash to follow. After an intensely personal battle, Mick Bainbridge is now helping other young soldiers take up the fight.

Season 23 - Episode 8

The Enemy Within

Justin Yerbury's family history of motor neurone disease inspired him to swap a basketball career for a science degree. Now a world expert on MND, his search for a treatment has taken on a terrible urgency.

Season 23 - Episode 7

Channelling Mr Woo²

Eddie Woo first came to prominence with "Wootube" - his free YouTube maths channel. In the year since Australian Story profiled Eddie Woo, he's gone from suburban high school maths teacher to award-winning celebrity.

Season 23 - Episode 6

Pitch Perfect

The Matildas women's football team is riding high after a year of headline-grabbing wins. But the team's success has been decades in the making; players have battled for equality and recognition for 40 years.

Season 23 - Episode 5

Final Call

Outback nurse Gayle Woodford was working alone at night in the remote community of Fregon when she vanished. This investigation reveals the issues behind her disappearance and the dangers for medical staff in the outback.

Season 23 - Episode 4

The Man in Bed 10

When medical student Dinesh Palipana was left a quadriplegic after a horrific car accident, he was told he would never become a doctor. Now he's one of the top young medicos in a busy hospital.

Season 23 - Episode 3

Leap of Faith

From Sydney's Western Suburbs all the way to London's Covent Garden, Australian dancers Steven McRae and Alexander Campbell compete for the ultimate prize in the world of dance.

Season 23 - Episode 2

Long Journey Home

When scientist Jim Bowler discovered an ancient skeleton in outback New South Wales 44 years ago, he had no idea it would change history. But Mungo Man's descendants have been fighting for the return of his bones ever since.

Season 23 - Episode 1

Here Come the Brides

Australian Story returns with an exclusive behind-the-scenes invitation to the wedding not everyone in the family wanted, as former Prime Minister Tony Abbott's sister Christine Forster marries her partner Virginia Flitcroft.

Season 22 - Episode 41

Without Rhyme Or Reason

An exclusive Australian Story investigation into the death of Justine Damond Ruszczyk, the Australian woman shot dead by a Minneapolis police officer after calling 911 to report a crime.

Season 22 - Episode 40

Behind The Mask - Mike Willesee (Part 2)

The conclusion to the two-part special on broadcaster Mike Willesee as he faces his greatest challenge - a diagnosis of throat cancer.

Season 22 - Episode 39

Behind The Mask - Mike Willesee (Part 1)

Part One of an exclusive look back at the life of legendary broadcaster Mike Willesee as he faces his greatest challenge - a diagnosis of throat cancer.

Season 22 - Episode 38

Balancing The Scales

For 20 years, Elisha Rose has lived with the secret shame of having a multiple murderer for a father. Elisha became a lawyer and tried to atone for her father's sins through charity work, keeping her secret until now.

Season 22 - Episode 37

End Game

Socceroos Coach Ange Postecoglou speaks his mind ahead of Australia's do-or-die World Cup qualifying matches against Honduras. Postecoglou confronts the critics of his strategy and addresses speculation about his future.

Season 22 - Episode 36

A Gentle Man

Go behind-the-scenes with boxing's Mr Nice Guy Jeff Horn, charting his meteoric rise from bullied teen to world champion. The unknown teacher shot to international fame in July after his surprise take-down of Manny Pacquiao.

Season 22 - Episode 35

Paying It Forward

Forty years ago, Waverley Stanley's life changed when a teacher saw something special in the young indigenous student & arranged a boarding school scholarship. Now Waverley is extending the same opportunity to others.

Season 22 - Episode 34

Call Of The Wild

Former Miss World Belinda Green found new meaning in life when she met veterinary surgeon Dr Howard Ralph, a man with an extraordinary devotion to saving native animals.

Season 22 - Episode 33

Found In Translation

Professor Tony Attwood has revolutionised our approach to Asperger's syndrome, credited with being a world expert in diagnosis and treatment and viewing it not as a condition to be 'fixed' but a gift to be valued.

Season 22 - Episode 32

All The World's A Stage

Standing at just over a metre tall, Kiruna Stamell has knocked down every barrier in her way to forge a successful career as an actor and dancer.

Season 22 - Episode 31

Modern Family

When partners John Guthrie & Dennis Cash decided to foster traumatised teenage girls, their friends thought they were crazy. But two decades later, the 'daughters' & 'Dads' have morphed into a remarkable 21st century family.

Season 22 - Episode 30

Beyond OK

The extraordinary story behind R U OK? Day. After advertising executive Gavin Larkin started the suicide prevention movement, he found out he was anything but ok. Nine years on, his legacy continues to sustain his own family.

Season 22 - Episode 29

The Minister's Secret

Remembering Fiona Richardson, the Victorian Minister who passed away from breast cancer last week. The nation's first Minister for the Prevention of Family Violence, she had her own traumatic experience of domestic abuse.

Season 22 - Episode 28

The Strong Man

Grant Edwards was once Australia's strongest man. But what he was exposed to as a top Federal Police Officer forced him to confront his own devastating vulnerability.

Season 22 - Episode 27

The Shape Shifters

Supermodel Robyn Lawley and her agent Chelsea Bonner take on the fashion industry to challenge its portrayal of the female form.

Season 22 - Episode 26

The Bridge

She jumped off a bridge to end her life only to wake up in the ER after a miracle survival. One woman's story of recovery and making the most of a second chance at life.

Season 22 - Episode 25

Playing With Fire

Sam Dastyari was the ALP's rising star until he was forced to resign from the Shadow Ministry last year over a political donations scandal. Tonight, the Senator speaks exclusively about lingering criticisms of his conduct.

Season 22 - Episode 24

My Son Sam

The Sydney dad who defied convention and took his autistic teenage son backpacking across Africa. The results could revolutionise the study of autism.

Season 22 - Episode 23

Long Way From Home (Part 2)

After her daughter is brutally murdered while on the 88-day farm-work scheme, English woman Rosie Ayliffe travels to backpacker hotspots in Australia to lobby for change.

Season 22 - Episode 22

Long Way From Home

When a 20-year-old backpacker is murdered during a working holiday in rural Australia her grieving mother uncovers a world of sexual, financial and psychological exploitation.

Season 22 - Episode 21

The Peacemaker

Ossie Cruse has been healing divisions in this country for 50 years. Now in his 80s he's inspiring his community to re-establish an ancient pathway where Aborigines first reached out to white settlers.

Season 22 - Episode 20

Shooting For The Stars

As a child fleeing civil war in Africa, Mayor Chagai found solace in basketball. Now he's coaching a new generation of sporting champions among the Sudanese community in Sydney.

Season 22 - Episode 19

Sins Of The Father

Two years ago Vincent Shin became the first school-based lawyer in Australia, the job of his dreams. But when he discovered a court file involving his father, he was shaken to the core.

Season 22 - Episode 18

I Am Sam

The story of Sam Goddard and his family's efforts to help him following a series of strokes. They defied medical advice, travelled overseas for treatments & experimented with an illicit substance... with remarkable results.

Season 22 - Episode 17

Murder By The Sea

The brutal murder of young Sydney mother Lynette White in 1973 has baffled police for decades. Join Sydney homicide detectives as they re-open the investigation and hunt for a breakthrough.

Season 22 - Episode 16

The Beat Goes On

With country people dying of heart disease at a rate far greater than their city cousins Dr Rolf Gomes pioneered a mobile cardio clinic. Thanks to a mystery million-dollar benefactor he's now about to build another Heart Bus.

Season 22 - Episode 15

Candy Man (Part 2)

Part 2 of the story of Luke Davies - poet, novelist & Oscar-nominated screenwriter of the hit movie Lion - charts his recovery from heroin addiction & rise to becoming one of the most sought-after writers in Hollywood.

Season 22 - Episode 14

Candy Man (Part 1)

With his award-winning script for Lion, Luke Davies has become one of Hollywood's most celebrated screenwriters. But he found success only after overcoming years of addiction and despair.

Season 22 - Episode 13

Splendour In The Grass

As they work to regenerate their historic property of Wooleen in WA, newlyweds David Pollock and Frances Jones risk alienating their neighbours in the community where David grew up.

Season 22 - Episode 12

Channeling Mr Woo

Channeling Mr Woo: From a humble migrant background to internet stardom, maths teacher Eddie Woo is changing lives by providing free maths lessons worldwide on his Wootube site.

Season 22 - Episode 11

The Story Of The Krait

A veteran's campaign to preserve a rickety little fishing boat, in which fourteen "Z Special" commandos undertook one of Australia's most audacious missions of WWII.

Season 22 - Episode 10

Breaking Good

Peter Lyndon-James is a former ice addict and criminal now running Australia's strictest drug rehabilitation centre. At Shalom House in Perth, addicts go cold turkey with surprising results.

Season 22 - Episode 9

Two Brothers

Two brothers Mal and Mike Leyland were pioneers of outback documentary-making, first setting off to Central Australia in 1960. But after a failed tourist project, they fell out and never fully reconciled.

Season 22 - Episode 8

All For The Family

Reigning world surfing champion Tyler Wright reveals how her campaign for the title was almost derailed when her brother Owen was seriously injured in a surfing accident.

Season 22 - Episode 7

My Mother's Secret

Blindsided by her mother's shock suicide, newspaper columnist Nikki Gemmell's search for answers takes her down the rabbit hole of the euthanasia debate.

Season 22 - Episode 6

On Borrowed Time

A young asylum seeker is released from immigration detention to return to her married life in the community. But she faces an uncertain future.

Season 22 - Episode 5

Getting Away With Murder

Could one of Australia's most notorious cold cases finally be solved? Two women investigate a chilling crime and discover a world of fear, favours and political intrigue.

Season 22 - Episode 4

Into Hot Water

Underwater adventurer Professor Ove Hoegh-Guldberg leads a team that believes some of the world's great coral reefs can be saved from the threat of rising sea temperatures and climate change.

Season 22 - Episode 3

Unchained Melody

Australian singer-songwriter Melody Pool's journey through young love and heartbreak takes a surprising turn and threatens to derail a promising career.

Season 22 - Episode 2

The Hardest Choice

The Hardest Choice: After a series of heartbreaking decisions, Claudine and Dave Fitzgibbon take a leap of faith with pioneering surgery to improve their chances of having a healthy child.

Season 22 - Episode 1

Adrenaline Brush

Sophie Cape, a former elite downhill skier and track cyclist, survived death-defying injuries and extreme mental trauma to become one of the young "rock stars" of Australian art.

Season 21 - Episode 43

The Road From Damascus

Medico Khaled Naanaa caused a global outcry by exposing the deliberate starvation of civilians in Syria. But doing so made him a target. Now he's been given a new life in Australia.

Season 21 - Episode 42

Out Of The Water

With summer fast approaching, the experience of a Queensland family is a timely warning of a hidden and deadly danger that can lurk in warm, fresh waters of regional Australia.

Season 21 - Episode 41

A Field Of Dreams

In a bold social experiment, the tiny rural community of Mingoola on the NSW-Queensland border is looking to the past to secure the future.

Season 21 - Episode 40

The New Black

Black Caviar captured the nation's imagination like no other horse since Phar Lap. Now her first offspring Oscietra is a promising two-year-old filly with top trainer David Hayes.

Season 21 - Episode 39

When Plans Change (Part 2)

The story of Brisbane mother Sally Faulkner continues, as she describes her desperate attempt to get her children back from Beirut, which landed her in jail along with a 60 Minutes crew.

Season 21 - Episode 38

When Plans Change (Part 1)

Brisbane mother Sally Faulkner reveals for the first time the story behind a desperate attempt to get her children back from Beirut, which landed her in jail along with a 60 Minutes crew.

Season 21 - Episode 37

The Big Dry

For years TV newsreader Talitha Cummins masked her alcoholism, until her drinking spiralled out of control. Now four years sober, she describes herself as the modern face of alcoholism: young, professional & high functioning.

Season 21 - Episode 36

Tough Love

Taylor & Michael have Down syndrome. They plan to marry & have children, but their parents don't believe they have the skills to raise a family. Can their parents stop them or will their right to reproduce prevail?

Season 21 - Episode 35

Shadow Of Doubt

When two cousins set out to find the truth about their grandfather, they uncover family secrets, a scandalous/shocking murder and more questions than answers.

Season 21 - Episode 34

When Beccy Met Libby

An old fashioned love story with a modern day twist. Country singer Beccy Cole wants to tie the knot with her partner cabaret singer Libby O'Donovan. But will the law be changed to allow same-sex marriage?

Season 21 - Episode 33

The Flow On Effect

A year on, what's happening with Australia's most unlikely millionaires? Revisit Byron Bay's father and son beekeepers, the Andersons to see how the success of their company changed their lives.

Season 21 - Episode 32

The Sugar Trip

Filmmaker and actor Damon Gameau repays a debt of knowledge when he returns to Central Australia to help revitalise an Indigenous community's healthy eating initiative.

Season 21 - Episode 31

A League Of Their Own

Businesswoman Susan Alberti could only dream of playing AFL. Now she's supporting a new Women's League & has struck up an unlikely friendship with top player Moana Hope.

Season 21 - Episode 30

What A Wonderful World

What A Wonderful World: Fifty years on, Patricia Amphlett (Little Pattie) returns to Vietnam where as a 17-year-old she was on stage performing for Australian troops when the Battle of Long Tan broke out.

Season 21 - Episode 29

About A Girl

Battling prejudice and legal challenges, 16-year-old transgender teenager Georgie Stone takes on the system to make life easier for other transgender kids and their families.

Season 21 - Episode 28

The Olympic Spirit

With all eyes on Rio, Ian Thorpe introduces a program marking the 60th anniversary of Australia's greatest ever Olympics Melbourne 1956 & the swimmer who inspired generations of Olympians - Murray Rose.

Season 21 - Episode 27

The Two Of Us

A heart-warming story of friendship between legendary jazz musician Don Burrows and the star he mentored, James Morrison. Now with Don Burrows about to turn 88, the roles have reversed.

Season 21 - Episode 26

Gone Girl

Gone Girl: Two young people fall in love and marry, but are torn apart when one of them is taken into immigration detention. Supporters are determined to see the decision reversed.

Season 21 - Episode 25

The Heart Bus

Travel to the outback with innovative engineer-turned-cardiologist Dr Rolf Gomes who takes life-saving cardiac care to people in regional Australia.

Season 21 - Episode 24

The Longest Expedition

Renowned climber Paul Pritchard returns to Tasmania's notorious Totem Pole to tackle the climb that nearly killed him eighteen years earlier and left him partially paralysed with a massive head injury.

Season 21 - Episode 23

One Of The Mob

Filmmaker David Batty has been a White man in a Black world for 40 years. He struck gold with cult series 'Bush Mechanics'. Now despite a family tragedy he's back with a new screen adventure.

Season 21 - Episode 22

Limbo Land

Actor John Wood introduces the story of Pat Murphy, a farmer who's doing it tough after a coal mine opened next to his property. Now Pat wants to leave the area, but that's easier said than done.

Season 21 - Episode 21

When The Call Comes

This week's episode focuses on Michele Perry's quest for justice and to understand why her homeless brother, Morgan Wayne Perry, was killed in a knife attack by a young private school graduate.

Season 21 - Episode 20

20th Anniversary Special (Part 2)

Celebrating 20 Years On Air, ABC's multi-award-winning program looks back on some of the most memorable moments and reveals the untold stories behind them.

Season 21 - Episode 19

20th Anniversary Special (Part 1)

This two-part anniversary special looks back over Australian Story's key themes, with participants and producers revealing the stories behind some of the show's most significant and popular programs.

Season 21 - Episode 18

Into The Fog Of War (Part 2)

Continuing the exclusive story of an elite Australian Army Commando charged with the manslaughter of five children after a horrific and controversial raid gone wrong in Afghanistan.

Season 21 - Episode 17

Into The Fog Of War (Part 1)

The exclusive inside story of an elite Australian army commando charged with the manslaughter of five children after a horrific and controversial raid gone wrong in Afghanistan.

Season 21 - Episode 16

Dare To Dream

The remarkable untold story behind the creation of Australia's newest opera and its composer George Palmer.

Season 21 - Episode 15

Your Money Or Your Life

After cheating death in her early twenties, Danielle Tindle is on a mission to improve treatment and care for other young cancer patients. Now she faces a greater challenge. Can she beat the odds again?

Season 21 - Episode 14

A Kind Of Medicine

Music as medicine: one of Australia's first Indigenous doctors, Mark Wenitong, pioneers music for healing after his family is shattered by a horrific accident involving his daughter, musician Naomi Wenitong.

Season 21 - Episode 13

Abby's Road

Ten years ago, two-year-old Abby Walker was diagnosed with a life-threatening illness and her parents made a controversial decision. Today she is fit and well. This is her family's remarkable journey.

Season 21 - Episode 12

Building Bridges

For the first time on TV, Michelle Bridges and her family talk about her becoming a mum at 45, her relationship with 'Commando' Steve Willis and taking on the junk food industry.

Season 21 - Episode 11

Port Arthur

The legacy of the Port Arthur massacre and the impact it had on survivors and witnesses.

Season 21 - Episode 10

Whitey's Way

Paul White, or 'Whitey' to his mates, is an unstoppable force. He's the bush copper turned CEO of one of Australia's most successful sporting clubs. A shock diagnosis has left him fighting for his life.

Season 21 - Episode 9

The Minister's Secret

The surprising personal revelations of Australia's first Minister for the Prevention of Family Violence, Fiona Richardson MP.

Season 21 - Episode 8

The Beauty Myth

The woman on a mission to change the face of fashion: Model agent Chelsea Bonner is the daughter of famously beautiful parents but she's staked her career on changing our ideas of beauty and body image.

Season 21 - Episode 7

How I Met Your Father

Former advertising executive Aminah Hart always wanted to be a mother, but no one expected the back-to-front romance that made it happen.

Season 21 - Episode 6

My Conscience Tells Me

Eighty-year-old Dr. Rodney Syme is prepared to defy the law to help a terminally ill man die, even if it means going to jail.

Season 21 - Episode 5

True Grit (Part 2)

In the concluding episode of this television exclusive, David Pocock, his partner Emma and his family reveal the inside story of one of Australia's most remarkable contemporary sports stars.

Season 21 - Episode 4

True Grit (Part 1)

Inside the private life of international rugby star David Pocock. We travel back to his homeland Zimbabwe where dramatic events shaped the passion that so famously drives him today, both on and off the field.

Season 21 - Episode 3

Nugget Of Gold

The remarkable story of Barry 'Nugget' Rees, who rose from the most unlikely circumstances to become friend and trusted confidante of generations of Australia's elite cricketers.

Season 21 - Episode 2

Sea Of Doubt

Mystery at sea: Two men leave on the trip of a lifetime, but only one returns. Now family and friends embark on a quest to solve this baffling disappearance in the remote Pacific Ocean.

Season 21 - Episode 1

Phantom Of The Opera House

The forgotten man: Peter Hall completed the Sydney Opera House after Danish architect Jorn Utzon resigned. But he was pilloried for his efforts. He died broken and destitute.

Season 20 - Episode 42

A Force Of Nature

Margot Spalding: The colourful Bendigo business woman who's campaigning against intolerance and hate.

Season 20 - Episode 41

The Age Of Ange

The man who's taken football from the forgotten game to unforgettable glory - Ange Postecoglou.

Season 20 - Episode 40

Out Of The Water

What one mother uncovered on her rural property after her family was dealt the most terrible blow.

Season 20 - Episode 39

Stayin' Alive

A young Kimberley tour guide beats the odds, to follow in the footsteps of a distinguished ancestor.

Season 20 - Episode 38

Going With The Flow

Cedar and Stuart Anderson have revolutionised the humble beehive. From living off the smell of an oily rag they've now become millionaires. How will they cope moving from a simple life to running an international company?

Season 20 - Episode 37

Doing It For Dan

Lucy Haslam is a woman in a hurry. Since losing her son Daniel to cancer, the Tamworth resident has stepped up her campaign to legalise medicinal cannabis.

Season 20 - Episode 36

Raise Your Voice

Singer Jenny Morris makes a dramatic personal revelation. The ARIA-award winning performer has been diagnosed with a life-changing medical condition that has forced her to cut her career short.

Season 20 - Episode 35

All In The Mind

Unmasking the comic genius of actor, Garry McDonald. Airing as part of Mental As... ABC's week long initiative in support of Mental Health Week.

Season 20 - Episode 34

Lexie's Village

Sydney woman Natalie Lovett tells the story of her daughter's conception using a donor egg & sperm. She's left with an unexpected dilemma: what to do with the remaining embryos? Her solution is both surprising & shocking.

Season 20 - Episode 33

The Making Of Malcolm

An intimate portrait of Malcolm Turnbull and his family, told by those closest to him.

Season 20 - Episode 32

Wendy's Way

From rubbish dump to a garden masterpiece. The quest to preserve Wendy Whiteley's magnificent Secret Garden.

Season 20 - Episode 31

Grand Designs

Inside fashion designer Collette Dinnigan's private world and her decision to pull back from her global fashion empire and spend more time with friends and family.

Season 20 - Episode 30

Seriously Funny

An up and coming comedian transforms a harrowing family back story into unforgettable comedy.

Season 20 - Episode 29

Big Mum

Life at a crossroads: At 70, Australian Geraldine Cox weighs up the future of the 400 children under her care in Cambodia.

Season 20 - Episode 28

From Daddy's Tummy

'From Daddy's Tummy' tells the story of AJ, partner Zu and their two children and reveals a stunning photographic record of AJ's transition from female to male.

Season 20 - Episode 27

Being Bradman (Part 2)

In part two of Being Bradman, as granddaughter Greta takes to the international stage as an opera singer, Sir Donald Bradman's very private family opens up about how his fame cast a large shadow and has affected their lives.

Season 20 - Episode 26

Being Bradman (Part 1)

As Don Bradman's cherished granddaughter Greta prepares to shine on the world stage as an operatic soprano, the family of the cricketing legend tell their inside story for the first time.

Season 20 - Episode 25

The Man Behind The Morcombes

Solicitor Peter Boyce acted for the Morcombe family during the inquest into the disappearance of their son Daniel. Together with Bruce Morcombe, his research helped highlight the man who was later convicted for murder.

Season 20 - Episode 24

Iron, Iron, Iron - The Hancock Dynasty (Part 2)

In Part 2, Gina Rinehart reflects on the pioneering exploits of her early ancestors, her pride in the imminent completion of the Roy Hill mine, and the business and family troubles she has encountered along the way.

Season 20 - Episode 23

Iron, Iron, Iron - The Hancock Dynasty (Part 1)

In an exclusive interview, the media-shy Gina Rinehart talks about her pioneering ancestors, her father's triumphs and struggles, her pride in the Roy Hill mine, and the business and family troubles encountered along the way.

Season 20 - Episode 22


How a boy from an ordinary Queanbeyan family made it to the top of Formula One; How he succeeded when thousands of others saw their dreams crash and burn. This is the story of Mark Webber's success.

Season 20 - Episode 21

In Your Face

In a world obsessed with physical beauty, Robert Hoge is a man embracing 'ugly'. He's on a mission to confront us all with some difficult questions and start a new debate about concepts of beauty.

Season 20 - Episode 20

Weekend At Weetalaba

We revisit Australian Story's most popular couple, Mac and Gayle Shann. Back in 2003 cameras followed Gayle's recovery from an horrific farming accident which caused the loss of one arm and the use of her other.

Season 20 - Episode 19

Suddenly One Summer

After being convicted of sexual abuse Josephine Greensill might well have languished in prison for the full five year sentence had it not been for the determination of her sisters, Annette and Mary Toohey.

Season 20 - Episode 18

Battling The Blues

In a candid interview, Darius Boyd speaks about his mother's battle with mental illness, his own battle with depression and how football first became his saviour and then his worst enemy.

Season 20 - Episode 17

Boots And All

The untold inside story of how David Morrison became a crusader for cultural change in the Army and of the women who galvanised him.

Season 20 - Episode 16

The Irwin Encounters

Breaking the silence: the untold story of Steve Irwin's original Croc Hunter Team.

Season 20 - Episode 15

The Battle For Tarwyn Park (Part 2)

In 2005 Peter Andrews, a racehorse breeder and farmer had succeeded in converting degraded land into fertile pasture. The farm has now been sold to a Korean power company, and has exposed deep divisions in the Andrews family.

Season 20 - Episode 14

The Battle For Tarwyn Park (Part 1)

This episode revisits one of Australian Story's most popular programs ever. The iconic rural property at the centre of that program, Tarwyn Park, has been sold to make way for an open cut coal mine.

Season 20 - Episode 13

Mrs Gimblett's Silver Linings

Saving Yaraka. What happens when a former head teacher buys an outback pub.

Season 20 - Episode 12

The Fresh Start

Reinventing Sergeant Simon Illingworth - a corruption busting cop finds a new life and love on the land.

Season 20 - Episode 11

The Fault In Our Stars

When lightning strikes family's inspiring survival story.

Season 20 - Episode 10

Into The Lion's Den

An audacious WWII attack behind enemy lines achieved by 14 men and a fishing boat: will the efforts of one Z Special veteran be enough to raise the humble MV Krait to its rightful glory?

Season 20 - Episode 9

Educating Miss Siobhan

The inspiring story of a young family and the death of a beloved sporting legend.

Season 20 - Episode 8

The Seeds Of Wrath (Part 2)

Final in a two-part special. What happens when a neighbours' dispute in a rural community suddenly goes global?

Season 20 - Episode 7

The Seeds Of Wrath (Part 1)

The first in a two-part special. What happens when a neighbours' dispute in a rural community suddenly goes global?

Season 20 - Episode 6

Just Call Jamal

How a popular Sydney GP, Dr Jamal Rifi, became the 'go to' man in a time of crisis.

Season 20 - Episode 5

How I Met My Daughter

A mind bending tale from the frontline of the reproduction revolution. "The family court has not even envisaged the scenario they've created".

Season 20 - Episode 4

The Meaning Of Life

Looks at how the feature film Paper Planes unfolded and updates the stories of the two young men who first featured on the program back in 2009.

Season 20 - Episode 3

Ask The Leyland Brother

The inside story of iconic outback adventurers, the Leyland Brothers. Pioneering young stars, to bankruptcy and illness, Mal Leyland reveals all, and reflects on a career full of highs and lows.

Season 20 - Episode 2

The Good Wife

Looks back at the life and loves of Lady Susan Renouf. For decades she was known as a famous wife and socialite but now faces the greatest challenge of her life as an independent woman.

Season 20 - Episode 1

Life In A Northern Town

From her high-end advertising agency in Sydney, Dof Dickinson committed her resources to make a film about an animal she'd never met and in the process, met a community she'd never forget - the people of Port Hedland.

Season 19 - Episode 43

Letter from Wooleen

In this final program for 2014, Australian Story visits a remote West Australian cattle station. The story of historic 'Wooleen' and the young couple who live there drew a big reaction from viewers three years ago. Since that time, the big challenges of the property have increased for David Pollock and Frances Jones... Jones arrived at 'Wooleen' from a lush, green suburb in outer Melbourne during a gap year trip. She fell for the station and its owner and has been there ever since. Together, the pair have embarked on a radical venture to return the rangelands to good health by destocking and replicating natural ecosystems. But with drought gripping WA their beliefs are now being put to the ultimate test...

Season 19 - Episode 42

Just Call Me Bob (2)

This week's program concludes the story of former Prime Minister Bob Hawke. A generation ago he basked in the kind of sustained acclaim that's become rare in politics. Mr Hawke will be 85 next month. It's a milestone in a life marked by personal drama and four successive election victories. This moving final episode covers the most dramatic years of all including the Hawke ascendancy in the eighties, loss of the Prime Ministership, family breakdown, re-marriage and reconciliation. It includes interviews with closest family members and major political figures and commentators. It sheds new light on a complex man, an intriguing family, and a momentous era...

Season 19 - Episode 41

Just Call Me Bob

It's been a while since the words popular and politician appeared credibly in the same sentence. But a generation ago one Prime Minister, Bob Hawke, basked in sustained acclaim. He turns 85 next month. It's a watershed in a life marked by much drama and four successive election victories. This first ever television biography of Mr Hawke features fascinating previously unpublished family photographs and footage. It includes interviews with closest family members and significant political figures and commentators. It sheds new light on a complex man, an intriguing family, and a momentous era...

Season 19 - Episode 40

How I Met Your Father

This week's program reveals the improbable saga of the making of a very modern family. It's a narrative that 'starts at the end - and ends at the beginning'. Advertising executive Aminah Hart lost two baby boys as a result of a genetic disorder passed from mother to son. Anonymous sperm donation and IVF offered a last chance to have a healthy child. Of five possible donors one stood out, a cattle breeder from Phillip Island who, crucially, described himself as 'happy and healthy'. When blue eyed blonde baby Leila arrived two years ago, events took a most unexpected turn...

Season 19 - Episode 39

The Innocent (2)

This week's program concludes the astonishing family crime saga behind the disappearance of Melbourne teenager Prue Bird. Her mother Jenny had long suspected Prue's abduction might be payback for family connections that link back to the notorious Russell Street police bombing. But Melbourne police failed to get a break on the case and Prue's disappearance lingered for years in the missing persons files. A last ditch effort by Jenny Bird led to a reward being offered and a sensational confession from an unexpected quarter. In this compelling conclusion, the schism in Jenny Bird's family is laid bare. There are new answers but profoundly disturbing questions remain...

Season 19 - Episode 38

The Innocent

On a summer's day in 1992 a thirteen year old schoolgirl called Prue Bird vanished without a trace. Her mother Jenny returned from the local swimming pool and found only an open door and an uneaten meal. It became one of Victoria's most enduring mysteries. For Jenny Bird there was an extra twist to the torment. Was the disappearance connected to the underworld links of Prue's doting grandmother - and to the Russell Street police station bombing six years earlier? For the first time all the stakeholders in an astonishing crime saga tell their side of a real life 'underbelly' saga still impacting today on three generations of one family.

Season 19 - Episode 37

Vanishing Act

More than three-million viewers watched Karise Eden named as 'The Voice Australia' in 2012. One week later, she had four songs in the top five ARIA singles chart, the first artist to achieve that since The Beatles in 1964. But her national tour, a few months later, was cancelled after just four performances. Much has eventuated since then and Karise Eden is gradually coming to terms with her 'turbulent' past. In Monday's moving Australian Story the 22 year old singer finally reveals what happened after The Voice...

Season 19 - Episode 36

I Am Jack

This Monday, we find out what's been happening in the lives of a family who featured in one of our most popular programs. It's the story of radio and TV personality Ian 'Dano' Rogerson and his wife Nicole, who gave up their home, successful careers and an exciting lifestyle for the love of their son, Jack. Diagnosed with autism as a toddler, Jack Rogerson was hyperactive, could barely speak and was unable to express ordinary affection. They were determined to do whatever it took to enable their son to lead a mainstream lifestyle. Five years on, the family's determination is being richly rewarded. At 18, Jack has recently graduated from a mainstream high school and is looking forward to a career in the hospitality industry...

Season 19 - Episode 35

The Pursuit of Happiness

Fiona O'Loughlin emerged out of Alice Springs some thirteen years ago as a 'fully formed' 36 year old stand up comedy sensation. She wowed local and international audiences with unconventional stories of raising five children in the outback. Then after collapsing on stage in Brisbane, she confessed she was an alcoholic. But behind the scenes, the drinking got worse. In Monday's program, Ms O'Loughlin and those closest to her candidly confront the darkest demons of an issue that has famously bedevilled many male comedians, but is less acknowledged by women in the public eye. It's been a tough road but she has just achieved her first year in recovery, and is back performing to sell out audiences. She's also returned to Alice and the family home she abandoned three years ago at the height of her problems.

Season 19 - Episode 34

The Past Is a Foreign Country (2)

This week’s program concludes the family saga of the woman credited as the ‘silent operator’ of the Australian entertainment industry. Jan Russ helped launch some young stars who have gone on to fame in Hollywood but unbeknown to anybody, her own life was as drama filled as anything on the big screen. Russ’s motto has been ‘the show must go on’ and so it has – not least through the new ascendancy of her son Sam who’s emerged as the king of comedy on South Korean TV. But she never stopped thinking about the earlier baby she adopted out in heartbreaking circumstances five decades ago. In Monday's program we find out what happened when Jan tracked down her lost daughter...

Season 19 - Episode 33

The Past Is a Foreign Country

This week’s program looks at the untold stranger than fiction life of a woman well recognised in the entertainment industry for her role in helping to launch the careers of some of Australia's biggest stars. Jan Russ was the initial casting director for Neighbours and remained in the role for nearly 25 years, launching performers like Jason Donovan, Kylie Minogue, Delta Goodrem, Natalie Imbruglia, Liam Hemsworth and Guy Pearce. But until now the Australian star-maker has hidden the private pain of her own tumultuous real life story. Jan Russ's personal story has all the ingredients of a prime time drama playing out over fifty years and several continents. It starts with a teenage pregnancy and a lifelong quest to find a daughter adopted out in particularly harrowing circumstances. There's a stellar career, a doomed marriage and in the last couple of years the unexpected ascendancy of a son who has suddenly become a huge hit on South Korean television...

Season 19 - Episode 32

Getting the Hang of It

What happens when a former soldier from Tasmania arrives in Canberra with a potentially vital role to play in governing the nation? Jacqui Lambie is the most outspoken and controversial of Clive Palmer's 'Palmer United Party' senators who hold crucial balance of power votes in the senate. Australian Story has been 'embedded' with Jacqui Lambie as she learns the ropes in parliament and navigates a series of headline-grabbing dramas. We meet her family back in Burnie, Tasmania and track her through Canberra as she deals with everything from deciding what to wear to meet a PM she's just described as a 'political psychopath', to outrage over her 'well hung' and 'Chinese invasion' moments. She also talks candidly about being a single mother, her addictions, despair and her propensity to 'take a swing at opponents'. Her headline-grabbing antics are making news but seasoned commentators suggest she should not be underestimated. So what are her real motives and what about her vulnerabilities?

Season 19 - Episode 31

Out of the Shoebox

This week's program looks at the unlikely evolution of an unexpected global comedy hit. Christiaan Van Vuuren was devastated when he was diagnosed with drug resistant tuberculosis and forced into hospital quarantine for six months. To pass the time he started making humorous video clips documenting his experiences in the isolation ward. The videos went viral around the world on YouTube. Now Christiaan and his brother Connor are being courted by some of the big players in the film and TV industry...

Season 19 - Episode 30

Before the Storm

This week’s program goes behind the scenes with a tenacious regional newspaper reporter who last year won Australia’s top journalism award. Joanne McCarthy’s exposure of a national scandal emerging in the Newcastle and Hunter Valley region played a large part in the establishment of one of Australia’s biggest-ever Royal Commissions. Her efforts so impressed former Prime Minister Julia Gillard that one of her last acts in office was to send a personal note to Ms McCarthy. As this program reveals, it’s been a marathon effort for both Joanne McCarthy and some of those closest to her, including her parents and ten siblings....

Season 19 - Episode 29

Searching for C11 (2)

In this week's program, aeronautical engineer Dr Lauren Burns finally finds out the identity of her biological father. To the amazement of all, he turns out to be part of a particularly distinguished Australian family. We join Lauren as she meets him for the first time – and gets to know her half siblings. At the same time two other young women, also created from donor sperm, have been trying desperately to determine their biological inheritance. But for them, it's a world of pain and no easy answers. Together their stories raise challenging ethical, medical and legal issues that few would have envisaged a generation ago.

Season 19 - Episode 28

Searching for C11

At the age of 21, aeronautical engineer Lauren Burns was told a family secret that turned her world upside down. Barbara Burns revealed that Lauren was conceived in a Melbourne clinic using donor sperm. The man she knew as her father was infertile. Mrs Burns says the culture at the time was to 'take the child home and forget how it was conceived. Just pretend it was your child and nobody knew.' Helped by her mother, Lauren embarked on a long and arduous search to discover the identity of her donor father – a man she knew only as 'C11' – from the first letter of his surname and his height, 5'11". Four fruitless years later, Lauren had one final card to play. What she managed to finally discover was truly astonishing. 'Searching For C11', a two part Australian Story special, untangles a complex ethical and emotional web involving not just Lauren Burns but two other young women...

Season 19 - Episode 27

Lock Me Away

This week we meet an 'ageing' activist who admits he's spent close to fifty years tilting at windmills without a lot to show for it... until now. Drew Hutton seems as surprised as anyone that nearing seventy, he masterminded 'Lock the Gate' a big and effective people power campaign against coal seam gas. And he's done it by uniting former sworn enemies – the farmers and the greens. He's also mobilised the support of his old school teacher, influential 'shock jock' Alan Jones. But as we reveal, this late life 'success' has come at a high cost to his health and his personal life.

Season 19 - Episode 26

Divide and Conquer

This week's Australian Story is proof that from little things big things can grow. Three years ago we told the story of emerging young comedians Nazeem Hussain and Aamer Rahman who were making a big impact on the Australian comedy circuit with their provocative satire. In Divide and Conquer we discover how Aamer Rahman has since become an internet sensation, making news around the world and how Nazeem Hussain got the opportunity of a lifetime; his very own TV show. And apologies to their female fans, one of the men has even found love; growing up, moving out of the parental home and getting married.

Season 19 - Episode 25

Leaps and Bounds

This week Australian Story returns to the story of one the world's best known dancers, Li Cunxin, as we go behind the scenes in a risky new venture with the Queensland Ballet. Also known as 'Mao's Last Dancer' through his bestselling book and movie of the same name, Li Cunxin took over in 2012 as artistic director of the Queensland Ballet. Tonight's program centres on his friendship with the Australian-born wife of the famous ballet choreographer Sir Kenneth MacMillan and the trials and tribulations behind the staging of Sir Kenneth's version of Romeo and Juliet.

Season 19 - Episode 24

The Game Changer

This week's program tells the story of an unlikely friendship between a former wildlife ranger and the renowned British conservationist Dame Jane Goodall. Their special connection has become a 'game changer' for the men and women on the front line of the increasingly bloody global war against poachers. Ten years ago Sean Willmore set up an organisation called the Thin Green Line to 'protect the protectors' – wildlife rangers who were being killed and maimed. But it was only when Willmore crawled from his his sick bed on the off chance of meeting Dame Jane in Melbourne that the real breakthroughs came. Now he has the ear of world leaders, rock stars and British Royal Princes...

Season 19 - Episode 23

Talk of the Town

Popular singer songwriter Megan Washington performs on stage for huge audiences. But as Australian Story reveals this week, she's been terrified of public speaking all her life. When she was asked to be a presenter at the annual ARIA Awards the very thought made her 'feel sick'. From the age of five, she's suffered a debilitating stutter. Years of speech therapy helped her to overcome and disguise the condition. Then last year, she says, she wrote a song so personal it wound up changing her whole outlook on life. As a result she decided to stare down her personal demons and deliver a speech to a capacity crowd at Sydney Opera House...

Season 19 - Episode 22

Forget Me Not

How many people with a diagnosis of dementia join a dating agency? How many more find true love? This is just one of the many intriguing aspects of Christine Bryden's story. A medical puzzle, the brilliant biochemist has long outlived her original dementia prognosis. At the age of 46 she was told to retire and prepare herself for the nursing home. She had other ideas. A firebrand advocate she has shaken up the health system here and transformed attitudes towards people with dementia in Japan. Most importantly she has given people with dementia a voice. Christine tells us about her twenty year journey with dementia and takes us inside what is still a largely unexplored world.

Season 19 - Episode 21

Driving Miss Davis

This week the quirky, life affirming story of a young Australian from country Victoria, a car with a history, and a novel that's on its way to becoming a runaway success around the world. Seven years ago, Brooke Davis was travelling overseas when she received bad news from home. From that sad turning point, she's unexpectedly created a funny and touching book that challenges conventions around loss and grief, and advocates living life to the full - whatever your age. Brooke Davis was working part-time in a Perth bookshop when her manuscript excited the attention of a publisher. Even ahead of its release in Australia, the novel started a bidding war with sales to publishers in more than twenty countries from the USA to Portugal. Now Brooke Davis is telling her own story…

Season 19 - Episode 20

The Last Commando , Part 2

This week's program goes to the 'tip of the spear' with elite commandos trapped in a lethal and protracted gun battle in Afghanistan. "It's not like TV, it's not a movie, this is for real" says army chaplain Padre John Sanderson. Earlier this year Corporal Cameron Baird was awarded a posthumous Victoria Cross for his raw courage in the heat of combat. In this concluding episode, his commando colleagues provide a rare, poignant and riveting account of those fatal hours...

Season 19 - Episode 19

The Last Commando , Part 1

This week's Australian Story provides a rare insight into the mysterious world of Australia's elite Commando regiments. Corporal Cameron Baird was killed last year in Southern Afghanistan. At the time the Australian Defence Force said the 32-year-old soldier had 'died how he lived – at the front, giving his all, without any indecision.' Earlier this year he was awarded a posthumous Victoria Cross which made him Australia's most decorated soldier, in company with Corporal Benjamin Roberts-Smith. Corporal Baird was the very last Australian soldier to be killed in action in Afghanistan - just months before the troop withdrawal. Now, for the first time, those closest to him are telling his story...

Season 19 - Episode 18

Out of the Kitchen

This week's program provides an intriguing glimpse behind the scenes of the reality TV phenomenon that's captured the TV landscape in Australia. Jules Allen left her large family to appear as a 'willing hostage' on the popular MasterChef reality TV show. She admits she lusted after 'fifteen minutes of fame' but she was unprepared for the 'excruciating' highs and lows she encountered on the program and in its aftermath. A single mother, she's fostered twenty-nine children but she says managing a house full of hormonal teenagers pales alongside the psychological demands of MasterChef. It's become clear to Jules Allen that her experience is not unique. Psychologists and industry observers say the same techniques are used in most of the popular reality shows, from Big Brother to My Kitchen Rules. Jules Allen reveals it's left her 'humbler' with a clear sense of what actually matters in life...

Season 19 - Episode 17

All the Right Moves: Kieren Perkins , Part 2

Introduced by Grant Hackett Monday’s program concludes the epic tale of Kieren Perkins and the inside story of his battles to build a new life away from the sport that had dictated his every move since childhood. The program reveals new detail of the ‘nation stopping’ day in July 1996 when Perkins swam his way to a gold medal in the 1500 after being all but written off when he qualified last in the heats. Kieren Perkins, now aged forty, is credited with largely avoiding the tabloid catastrophes that have bedevilled so many of his contemporaries. But in this week’s candid conclusion he discloses some of his own struggles and introduces his new partner, fellow banking executive Karen Davis. She is credited with bringing new happiness into his life not least, according to Perkins, because she knows him only as a banker, not a swimming hero...

Season 19 - Episode 16

All the Right Moves: Kieren Perkins , Part 1

Introduced by Grant Hackett Includes interviews with Grant Hackett, Jared Perkins (brother), Daniel Kowalski and Karen Davis (fiancé). Monday night's program sheds new light on Kieren Perkins and one of the more memorable careers in Australian sporting history. It also provides candid insights into his unique rivalry with Grant Hackett. Kieren Perkins clinched his claim to 'legend' status with a remarkable comeback at Atlanta in 1996 after being all but written off in the lead up to the Games. At a time when many of the nation's swimming greats are struggling with life out of the pool, Perkins alone seems to have managed a smooth transition. Now aged forty, he has forged a second career as a successful banking executive and finally come to terms with the strange and difficult process of rocketing from sporting idol to 'nobody'. In this candid two part episode, he reveals the surprising truth about what went wrong in Atlanta; acknowledges his own struggles to create a new life; and introduces his new partner, the woman credited with bringing new happiness into his life.

Season 19 - Episode 15

In Tracy's Corner

Introduced by actor and St Kilda resident, Rachel Griffiths. Monday night's program tells the story of the unsolved and savage murder of a woman called Tracy Connelly and the unexpected consequences of her death. Connelly was a St Kilda sex worker but her exceptional looks and personality endeared her to many in the local community where a street was known as 'Tracy's Corner'. Tracy Connelly seemingly lived most of her adult life thinking she counted for nothing but as events unfolded it turned out she couldn't have been more wrong. As community outrage spilled over onto social media, the family she left behind in Brisbane unexpectedly stepped forward to reclaim her. What emerges is a remarkable and poignant story. This episode also includes inside information from the ongoing Victoria Police investigation...

Season 19 - Episode 14

The Edge of the Mountain

Introduced by Caroline Jones. It was supposed to be the adventure of a lifetime but when Australian nurse Christy King led a group of experienced trekkers into the PNG jungle everything changed in an instant. Early in the evening of their first night in the mountainous terrain of the Black Cat track, the group was attacked by men wielding machetes and robbed at gunpoint. As day turned to night, Christy King was left to decide how best to protect the men in her care and how to manage the serious wounds of the PNG porters who took the brunt of the attack. With two of her group already dead she was left to make difficult and unenviable decisions. For the first time, she speaks publicly about the ordeal.

Season 19 - Episode 13

A Very Good Rascal

Introduced by international music star Leo Sayer. This week's program tells the bitter sweet personal story behind the hard-living facade of iconic Australian rock musician, Doc Neeson. As lead singer of The Angels, Doc Neeson had a string of big hits from the seventies right through to the nineties. One of their songs remains an unofficial anthem for generations of Australian youth. But just before Christmas 2012, Neeson was diagnosed with an aggressive brain tumour. Australian Story followed Neeson's journey over the last year as he received an Order of Australia and was the beneficiary of a fundraising concert featuring his friends Jimmy Barnes, Peter Garrett and David Haselhoff. The program also looks at the history and legacy of the legendary Angels band through the eyes of its original manager, John Woodruff and the producer of its most successful records, Mark Opitz.

Season 19 - Episode 12

A Man Called Boy

Introduced by Amanda Shalala from ABC Grandstand This week's program tells the story of an Olympic champion so seemingly without ego that even his son and grandsons knew very little of his fame. Andrew 'Boy' Charlton was a hero who stamped his name across the world, with feats so marvellous he forged Australia's national spirit at a time when the nation was beleaguered by the Depression and the losses of the Great War. At just 16, he sliced two minutes off the world record for the 1500m freestyle, and won Australia’s first gold medal in that event at the 1924 Paris Olympics. It was the beginning of a dynasty of Australian swimmers – Murray Rose, John Konrads, Kieren Perkins and Grant Hackett – who later made the 1500m 'Australia's event'. But then at the height of his fame, and when Hollywood movie offers were there for the taking, 'Boy' Charlton retired to the bush, with no desire to perpetuate his name. Now a new generation is rediscovering this great Australian – a man called 'Boy'.

Season 19 - Episode 11

A Complicated Life: Kerry Packer , Part 2

This week, the conclusion of our story about the legendary businessman Kerry Packer... Beneath the famous bravado and bluster was he actually a deeply conflicted, emotional man who spent his life 'at war with himself'? The program explores puzzling questions around a fatal road accident some sixty years ago that nearly ended Kerry Packer's life when he was just eighteen. It traces the decline of a man once seen as indestructible and tracks the spectacular rise of his son James under the strict tutelage of his father. Do the strong patterns of the past provide clues to the future of the Packers in the 2lst Century? Introduced by Caroline Jones and features Jodhi Meares, Al 'Chainsaw' Dunlap, Malcolm Turnbull, Phillip Adams, Graham Richardson, John Howard and others.

Season 19 - Episode 10

A Complicated Life: Kerry Packer , Part 1

Getting on for a decade after his death, the legendary businessman Kerry Packer remains an intriguing and puzzling figure. Building on his father's success in the media industry, he dominated Australian TV and became the nation's richest person. His own son James is now following in his father's footsteps, extending the reach of the Packer empire around the world. But beneath the famous bravado and bluster of Kerry Packer, was there actually a very complex personality, at odds with the public image? Was he, as some say, a deeply conflicted man 'at war with himself'? In Monday's Australian Story, some of those who knew the tycoon well share their candid insights into the Packer paradox, the demons that drove him, and the 'deeply sentimental' side that was kept well out of the public gaze. The program features a wealth of rarely seen archival material and photographs.

Season 19 - Episode 9

Set in Stone

Introduced by Australian of the Year, Adam Goodes. Explorer and airline pilot Percy Trezise was captivated by Quinkan rock art fifty years ago when road workers stumbled across an ancient painting. The Quinkans are now rated among the most impressive and ancient rock art in the world. They became an obsession for Trezise – a passion passed on to his two sons. Percy recorded stories from the elders and worked closely with legendary artist Dick Roughsey to protect the fragile paintings, hidden amongst the sandstone escarpments near Laura in Far North Queensland. Now his sons, Matt and Steven Trezise, are at a crossroads as they contemplate their own uncertain future after years guiding visitors into the rock art sites and managing their father's legacy.

Season 19 - Episode 8

Out of the Box

Adam Boland was just 26 years old when he was handed the reins of the ailing Sunrise program on Channel 7. It was the start of something very new and a game changer for the networks. Some observers credit Boland with paving the way for the current ascendancy of the Seven Network. But it's been a tempestuous ride for Adam Boland. Now in the aftermath of a very public implosion, he's walking away from the industry that he says nearly destroyed him.

Season 19 - Episode 7

The House of Tara

Tara Winkler was just 19 when she set off on the trip to Cambodia that would change her life. After coming across an orphanage where funds were embezzled and young girls sexually abused, she set up her own orphanage in the city of Battambang in 2007. Seven years later, the organisation she created is no longer an orphanage but a community development organisation offering help to poor families and more than 100 children each day. Tara Winkler is no longer 'mum' to the kids. But in the four years since she was first profiled on Australian Story, she has faced dramas in her professional and personal life that nobody could have predicted. The story is introduced by fashion designer Jodhi Meares, a supporter of Tara Winkler's Cambodian Children's Trust.

Season 19 - Episode 6

An Unnatural History

David Rennie fell in love with photography seven years ago when he was lured from his car by the sight of a passing bird overhead. The encounter led to a newfound passion for wildlife photography that took him away from his family for weeks at a time as he tracked birds through the environmentally sensitive Mandurah wetlands south of Perth. His skills as a self-taught photographer were recognised last year when he won the prestigious Australian Geographic ANZANG award for a dramatic shot showing a young osprey and a spoonbill narrowly avoiding a collision in mid air. Documenting the fragile birdlife also helped David deal with his own demons and ultimately to confront a bizarre mystery involving his father.

Season 19 - Episode 5

His Driving Force

Monday night's program centres on a remarkable friendship between a top scientist and a coach driver and a crazy brave dream to do something about childhood cancer. Their unlikely alliance has forged a breakthrough that's creating excitement around the world. Col Reynolds started raising funds to help children with cancer after a chance encounter at a hospital. He was introduced to cancer researcher Professor Peter Gunning who desperately needed funds to explore a radical new way of forcing cancer cells to collapse by 'killing' a single component. By 2009 Professor Gunning and his associates had developed a drug and began lab tests. Last year their beakthrough findings were published in the prestigious Cancer Research Journal with human trials now not too far off...

Season 19 - Episode 4

Call Me Cate

Lt.Col. Cate McGregor AM has been a participant in some of the most significant chapters in recent Australian history. She has been a political strategist for both the ALP and the Liberal Party. In her current role as a senior Army officer, she wrote last year's landmark speech by the Chief of the Army David Morrison which went viral around the world. Now, she is the most high profile individual in Australia to 'come out' as a transgendered person. When, after decades of private struggle, Malcolm finally decided to become Cate she was 'terrified' about the likely reaction from friends and colleagues. Prime Minister Abbott, Army Chief David Morrison, Liberal pollster Mark Textor and political journalist Barrie Cassidy are among a range of high profile individuals who speak candidly about Cate's transformation and its impact on them.

Season 19 - Episode 3

No Half Measures

This week's Australian Story charts Torah Bright's remarkable comeback from a year of setbacks and struggles, culminating in an euphoric medal win at the Sochi Winter Olympics. Bright grabbed Australia's first medal with a nail biting silver in the Women's Half Pipe final. The latest win makes her our greatest female winter Olympian. For the family oriented snowboarder, the achievement is remarkable, given a supremely difficult preparation year marked by tough personal and professional challenges. Australian Story viewers first met Torah Bright two years ago. This program documents the behind the scenes role of unusually strong family ties as Bright pushes through every possible obstacle on the path to Sochi...

Season 19 - Episode 2

The Back of His Mind

Three years ago, 35 year old fashion photographer David Murrell was told he had just months to live. A tumour the size of an orange was removed from his brain. It was the worst kind of highly aggressive cancer. But in a lucky coincidence his own father, a cell biologist, emerged as a possible saviour. Dr Wayne Murrell just happened to be part of a team in Norway working on an experimental vaccine for exactly that kind of tumour. "I'm a scientist, I don't believe in coincidence!" Dr Murrell says. But what happened next defied the odds...

Season 19 - Episode 1

The Other Side

In 1996 Matthew Reilly, aged 22, self-published his first book. Now he has a list of international best sellers. In his books heroes prevail against impossible odds. But in his own life he's faced unexpected adversity from the most unlikely quarter. When, as a consequence, he lost his wife Natalie, Matthew Reilly's world collapsed. He says he thought he would never write again. As he reveals on Australian Story, the loss drove him to the brink of disaster.

Season 18 - Episode 43

Taking Flight

Annabel Blake grew up with a mother who, as a young athlete, had hoped to represent Australia in the 1988 Winter Olympics. Janine Shepherd's nickname, 'Janine the Machine' reflected the grit and dedication she brought to the ski slopes and it was these traits that helped her recover when a training accident left her permanently disabled. Despite these setbacks, Janine raised her three children to follow their passions and demonstrated through her own challenging life that nothing is impossible. Now, in a surprising twist, her daughter Annabel is hoping to capture a place in the Australian team to compete in next year's Winter Olympics in the new – and dangerous – sport of slopestyle skiing.

Season 18 - Episode 42

A Feeling for the Water (2)

Part two of the top rating 'A Feeling For The Water' opens with Murray Rose's move to California to begin a university scholarship. America in the later 1950s was an attractive fit for Rose and his varied interests, including vegetarianism, spirituality and acting. Already a gold medallist three times over in the 1956 Melbourne Olympics, Rose went on to swim one of his most famous races at Rome in 1960, perfecting his strategy of out-psyching opponents and winning gold again in the 400 metres. Now with a fourth gold medal, Rose looked set to dominate his events for years to come until the controversial decision to exclude him from the Tokyo Olympics team in 1964 – a decision that polarises officials until this day. Before he died, Murray Rose was working on a candid memoir and in this program, some of the sport's biggest names and his close family members offer an insight into a man who, it transpires, was much more than a fast swimmer.

Season 18 - Episode 41

A Feeling for the Water (1)

Murray Rose was an inspiration for generations of Australians, in and out of the swimming pool where he won six Olympic medals. Yet despite his role building up the 'golden era' of the Australian swim team in the 1950s and 60s, the stories that emerged last year in the aftermath of his death surprised many younger people who had barely heard of him. Murray Rose personified many of the virtues of the Australian athlete: a good sport, a calm and collected mind under pressure and a consistent race winner. But it was his interests outside the pool that he claimed gave him a winning edge and helped focus his mind. He was a vegetarian and a follower of an Indian philosopher, long before such 'new age' ideas became fashionable. Before he died, Murray Rose was working on a candid memoir and in this program, some of the sport's biggest names and his close family members offer an insight into a man who, it transpires, was much more than a fast swimmer.

Season 18 - Episode 40

Think Big

As a fatherless child, Johnson Maker-Adeng fled from war-ravaged Sudan with the remnants of his family. For four years they trekked through the African wilderness. Then they spent more than a decade in a migration queue. Finally the family were accepted as refugees and granted entry into Australia and a fresh start. From traumatic beginnings, Johnson Maker-Adeng is now in the process of fulfilling childhood dreams that not so long ago would have seemed preposterous. Australian Story has been filming his progress over the last seven years.

Season 18 - Episode 39

Letters From Elizabeth

They say every family has its secrets, but in Susan Swingler's case those secrets were buried more deeply than most. Abandoned by her father at the age of 4, Susan Swingler spent the better part of her life seeking out the man who had left her behind. What she discovered along the way shocked her to the core. She uncovered a web of lies that was simply astonishing, all the more so because the woman who had woven it was one of Australia's best known and best loved authors.

Season 18 - Episode 38

Cracking the Code

The Damiani family's story has been described as a breathtaking example of how medicine can be transformed by the determination of ordinary people. Four years ago, Stephen and Sally Damiani's baby son Massimo succumbed to a mystery disease. In the space of a few weeks, the toddler lost the ability to eat and crawl. The prognosis was bleak and the cause mystifying. Stephen Damiani, who has a background in construction economics and risk management, teamed up with a young geneticist to map the family's genome in an attempt to discover the cause of his son's illness. In the process, his seemingly impossible quest for answers has made a discovery that's astonished the international medical community and has implications for us all.

Season 18 - Episode 37

On Maggies Farm

Three years ago Maggie MacKellar, daughter of a former Federal Cabinet Minister, was living on the family farm in NSW trying to reassemble the pieces of her life. A writer and Sydney Uni academic, Ms MacKellar was left widowed and pregnant in particularly harrowing circumstances. She seemed resolved to raise her daughter and son alone, on her own terms in the country. When her story was aired on Australian Story in February 2011, it drew a big viewer response. Among the emails was a message from a stranger – a divorced 49 year old sheep farmer in Tasmania. What happened next was as unexpected as it was heart warming...

Season 18 - Episode 36

A Sapper's Lullaby

Fred Smith has been described as 'Australia's secret weapon' in international diplomacy. As a career diplomat, he's represented Australia in Bougainville and more recently in Afghanistan. But it's his second career as a musician that came to the fore in Uruzgan province, when he wrote a song about the death of Australian soldier Ben Ranaudo. "Dust in Uruzgan" captured the hearts of many serving in Afghanistan and a second song, "Sapper's Lullaby" has become an anthem for soldiers and their families. Now, with Australian forces about to depart Afghanistan, this is the story of a diplomat with a difference.

Season 18 - Episode 35

Count On Clive

Much has changed since Australian Story first explored the private and professional worlds of Clive Palmer sixteen months ago. At the time former Qld Premier Peter Beattie concluded 'you haven't heard the last of Clive Palmer, you're just going to have to get used to bigger screens'. Even he could scarcely have predicted the turn of events now unfolding, with Mr Palmer poised to wield political influence in Federal Parliament The extent of that influence is yet to be determined but it's now clear that the Palmer United Party has secured two Senate seats with a possible third in Western Australia. It's speculated he could even end up holding the balance of power in the Upper House. With so many theories abounding, who is the real Clive Palmer; what can we expect next and what impact might there be on the way the nation's run...

Season 18 - Episode 34

Turning the Gaze

Melbourne schoolgirl Olympia Nelson is only sixteen, but she's no stranger to controversy. She's grown up in an unusual but talented household as the daughter of an art critic and acclaimed photographer Poli Papapetrou. Olympia and her mother have had a long creative partnership. But in 2008 an unclothed photograph of Olympia aged six generated national controversy when it appeared on the cover of the magazine 'Art Monthly'. Even the Prime Minister bought in. Now Olympia has weighed in from an unexpected direction by publicly challenging the popularity of 'selfies' – often explicit self portraits posted on social media. Her robust analysis of the selfie trend and issues around girls, sexual expression and self image was published by The Age Newspaper, setting off a new debate...

Season 18 - Episode 33

In Your Face

In a world obsessed with physical beauty, Robert Hoge is a man embracing 'ugly'. Hoge was born 41 years ago with a massive tumour in the middle of his face. At first his own mother couldn't bear to look at him and the family was advised to 'put him in a home'. There were national newspaper headlines when a pioneering craniofacial surgeon used the cartilage from baby Robert's toe to construct a nose. Hoge grew up to become a journalist and then built a stellar career as a public servant culminating in the job of media advisor to then Queensland Premier Anna Bligh. But he has rejected further surgery that might make him look more conventional. Now a husband and a father himself, he's on a mission to confront us all with some difficult questions and start a new debate about concepts of beauty and ugliness and everything in between...

Season 18 - Episode 32

Driving Greg Norman (2)

Australian Story concludes the epic tale of Greg Norman, recognised as one of Australia's best and most flamboyant sports stars. Norman dominated international golf for nearly two decades in the eighties and nineties. He blazed a trail by cannily converting personal sporting success into a multi million dollar business brand. But his approach hasn't always drawn universal admiration and he concedes that his headline grabbing personal life hurt his image for a period of time. This week's episode covers the famous 1996 US Masters loss in which Greg Norman's grace in the face of crushing defeat drew admiration. The loss drove him to tears. But it was finally 'vindicated' earlier this year when Adam Scott became the first Australian to win the elusive trophy and paid emotional tribute to Greg Norman as his mentor. This episode also covers the story of Greg Norman's friendships with two US Presidents. There are candid family disclosures about the break up of his marriage to former world number one tennis star Chris Evert and his subsequent remarriage to third wife Kirsten 'Kiki' Norman.

Season 18 - Episode 31

Driving Greg Norman (1)

Includes interviews with President Bill Clinton, Jack Nicklaus, Peter FitzSimons, Morgan-Leigh Norman (daughter), and Gregory Norman Junior (son) and third wife Kirsten in her first television interview. When Adam Scott became the first Australian ever to win the US Masters golf tournament earlier this year, he immediately paid an emotional tribute to his mentor Greg Norman. Norman remains a world sporting icon and is considered by many to be Australia's greatest ever golfer. But his friend, President Bill Clinton, interviewed for Australian Story, says Greg was never universally 'embraced in a way that some great golfers are.' Greg Norman was also a trail blazer off the course, parlaying sporting success into a multi-millionaire dollar business empire built around his moniker, The Great White Shark.

Season 18 - Episode 30

A Voice in the Wilderness

Retiring independent MP Tony Windsor offers a unique insider's account on Australian Story of the last three years of political tumult. After two decades in politics, both state and federal but always as an independent, Tony Windsor shocked many when he announced his retirement two months ago. He played a deciding role in two hung parliaments and helped keep Nick Greiner's NSW Liberal government in power twenty-two years ago. But it wasn't until he backed Julia Gillard's minority government in 2010 that he experienced widespread fallout – including death threats - from those who thought he'd abandoned his conservative New England electorate. From his vantage point in the Simpson Desert, far away from what he calls the 'greasy pond' of Canberra politics, Tony Windsor offers a final – and at times surprising - verdict on Canberra's political leaders.

Season 18 - Episode 29

Long Walk Back

Chloe Palmer-Simpson was just 18 when she was involved in a head-on car crash near her home in Bargo in New South Wales. The accident left her fighting for her life and dealing with a severe brain injury. Although the elite swimmer was just minutes from death, the efforts of medical staff coupled with her own determination led to a recovery that stunned everyone. Now, just 16 months after the accident, Chloe Palmer-Simpson is attempting to walk PNG's Kokoda Track accompanied by the medical team who saved her life to raise funds for trauma research at St George Hospital. The track is routinely described as 96 kilometres of sheer hell and that's for the able-bodied. Asking a young woman recuperating from traumatic injuries to attempt it is not without risk.

Season 18 - Episode 28

A Place for Us

Award winning television journalist Sara James was living the dream as an anchor and foreign correspondent for American network NBC. She'd lived in New York for fifteen years and reported from around the world including the war zones of Somalia, Sudan and in the Middle East. Then she met and married another high flyer, Australian journalist Andrew Butcher, who worked closely with Rupert Murdoch as his corporate affairs manager. But with the birth of their second daughter came a curve ball. Baby Jacqui didn’t cry and was having multiple seizures. 'Your baby has a bad brain' said the medical specialist. A nurse took Sara aside and said 'they don’t always know you know. Your baby has bright eyes. Don't give up.' To the amazement of their friends, the Butchers abandoned Manhattan, scooped up their family and moved to the Macedon Ranges outside Melbourne. There they embraced an entirely new way of life as they started to unlock the mysteries of Jacqui's distressing and taxing condition.

Season 18 - Episode 27

Corridors of Power

This week we visit a scenic valley where best selling author Di Morrissey and a determined group of rural residents have stared down a corporate giant. The setting is the spectacular Manning Valley in the mid north coast of New South Wales. When the electricity transmission company TransGrid decided to build a high voltage power line through the valley, the community elected to fight. Led by former sports administrator turned farmer, Peter Epov, and including an airline pilot, engineer and a former business analyst, they pooled their expertise and skills to tackle the seemingly impenetrable data of a complex industry. What they discovered has far reaching implications for anybody who pays electricity bills.

Season 18 - Episode 26

Too Good to Refuse

August marks the 50th anniversary of one of Britain's most infamous crimes – the Great Train Robbery. Ronald Biggs was sentenced to 30 years gaol for his part in the crime that he once described as 'too good to refuse'. But behind the robbery and Biggs' subsequent escape to Australia, there's an epic saga of a woman's resilience and loyalty. Disowned by her middle class parents, Charmian Biggs and their two children, followed Biggs to Australia in the hope of a fresh start. It was the beginning of a tumultuous three decades marked by discoveries, escapes, betrayals and reunions. Forced to divorce her husband to help him avoid extradition from Brazil, Charmian Biggs raised her sons on her own and studied to obtain a university degree. She became a successful book editor under the new name of Brent. Then in 2001 Biggs finally surrendered to the British authorities so he could receive medical treatment.

Season 18 - Episode 25

There but for Fortune

This week's program is about a man who's made a big name in London but is little known back in Australia. Richard Farleigh amassed an early fortune as a young gun in the financial markets and went on to star on a top-rating British television program. But what's remarkable about Farleigh is his background. He was one of a family of eleven children born to an itinerant, violent and alcoholic sheep shearer. Farleigh and several of his older siblings were removed by Welfare authorities to an orphanage and he was subsequently fostered. Initially diagnosed as 'backward', his luck changed when a school teacher recognised his abilities and became 'the first person that I felt really cared about me'. He excelled at maths and tournament chess and by his mid-thirties was a multi-millionaire business entrepreneur, moving to the UK five years ago. Now in his fifties, he has been back in Australia, retracing a past that he says continues to haunt him in ways he 'can't control'.

Season 18 - Episode 24

Irons in the Fire

It's said there’s nothing more powerful than an idea whose time has come... This week's program is about a psychology student and a brainwave that became a phenomenon. As Tasmania's terrifying bushfires took hold in January, Mel Irons set up a a Facebook page... The spur of the moment decision became the start of a social media whirlwind that provided a helping hand to thousands of people isolated by the fires. From generators for oyster breeders, to tin openers for the local Food Bank and even a small armada of boats to ferry supplies to the needy, Mel Irons was at the helm. She admits she took risks and cut corners. But the essence of her approach is now being embraced by the State Government and Emergency Services.

Season 18 - Episode 23

The Music Lesson

Singer Jessica Mauboy introduces this updated program on the life of Yothu Yindi frontman Mr Yunupingu. "Growing up in Darwin, everyone looked up to him, and it made me want to do that line of work. I wanted to be just like that," she says. Mr Yunupingu went from school teacher to school principal to international rock star when the song 'Treaty' became a hit around the world. He was named Australian of the Year in 1992. But his health deteriorated in the last 7 years due to a combination of diabetes, high blood pressure and alcohol dependence. In 2009 Australian Story documented his battle with kidney failure and his reluctant acceptance of a life on dialysis three times a week. He was awaiting a kidney transplant when he passed away last month, aged 56. The updated program includes new material on Mr Yunupingu's life at his home in Arnhem Land in his final years, as well as fresh interviews with his family, friends and music industry luminaries Molly Meldrum and Michael Gudinski.

Season 18 - Episode 22

No More Than a Ghost

This week, the story of a young Adelaide student and the obsession that's made her an international publishing sensation. She's 28 year old Hannah Kent and her novel on an Icelandic murderess sparked a bidding war. Now there is talk of a Hollywood movie. It started with a Rotary exchange visit to Iceland when Hannah Kent was just 17. She felt lonely and claustrophobic in the alien 24 hour darkness of the Icelandic winter. But hearing, by chance, about the execution site she became intrigued by the story of Agnes Magnusdottir, beheaded for murder in Iceland some 200 years ago, and the last woman to suffer that fate. In the program Hannah Kent tells the untold story of her decade long interest in the macabre story of Agnes and how it's taken her to strange and unexpected places.

Season 18 - Episode 21

The Men Who Fell to Earth

This week's program is about a fatal plane crash and the disturbing facts that emerged in the aftermath. It started when a young woman called Samantha Hare surprised her partner with the gift of a joy flight off the coast of South East Queensland back in 2008. In the pilot's seat was a well known, colourful and seemingly highly reputable aviator called Barry Hempel. But unbeknownst to Samantha Hare, Mr Hempel had been stripped of his commercial pilot's license - and there were other worrying issues too. Mr Hempel and Samantha's fiance, Ian Lovell, were both killed when their plane plummeted into the sea. This week's episode tells the story of Samantha Hare and her five year quest for answers in the face of a 'smorgasbord' of baffling and worrying questions.

Season 18 - Episode 20

When Blood Runs Cold

Monday's Australian Story centres on a crime that has been described as one of the 'top five' unsolved murder mysteries in Australian history. Twenty years after the heyday of the Ned Kelly gang, the nation was shocked by the brutal deaths of three siblings on a bush track. A young farmer Michael Murphy and his two sisters were bludgeoned to death near the town of Gatton, 100 kilometres from Brisbane in 1898. The trio were returning from a Boxing Day outing. The savagery of their deaths was all the more puzzling because of the absence of any apparent motive. Retired dentist, turned author Stephanie Bennett has spent years painstakingly trawling through archival evidence and she now believes she's cracked the case. Others are less convinced. But some Murphy descendants are grateful for her efforts. They say the crime scarred the family down the generations, and believe that Stephanie Bennett may indeed have delivered 'the truth'...

Season 18 - Episode 19

Northam Exposure

Sami Shah has been in Australia for less than one year but he's already making a name for himself on the stand up comedy circuit in Western Australia. Shah was fronting his own groundbreaking satirical show on TV in Karachi; a dangerous line of work in the political environment of Pakistan. After a narrow escape from a devastating bomb attack he and his wife and small daughter applied through the official migration process to settle in Australia. Under the terms of their migration visa they were obliged to settle in a rural area and ended up in the small town of Northam. When Sami Shah took to the stage with his cutting edge stand up routines, not everyone was amused...

Season 18 - Episode 18

A Life Laid Bare

When Lisa Poulos stepped into a Melbourne taxi six years ago, she had no idea how her life was about to turn upside down. To that point she appeared to her friends to be the woman who had everything. But when her taxi was involved in a minor accident that day in Melbourne, it set off a dramatic series of events, eventually revealing a dark truth that nobody knew was there. It gave Lisa Poulos the idea to turn her bad fortune into something positive. As a prominent player in the fashion world, she decided to use her contacts to create a project which would help other women facing the same difficulties. But first she had to get used to the idea of laying her life bare...

Season 18 - Episode 17

The Hazel Effect

Australian Story on May 27 will feature an updated edition of the Logie awarding winning episode on former First Lady Hazel Hawke, first aired ten years ago. There will be new interviews and other material from those closest to Mrs Hawke in her final days. The death of the former First Lady is generating a huge groundswell of public affection and mourning. She has been described as Australia's Eleanor Roosevelt. With close cooperation from the family, Australian Story will showcase the highlights of a courageous, groundbreaking and sometimes tumultuous life, marked by public service as well as personal triumphs and hard knocks.

Season 18 - Episode 16

Listen to Me

This week's program is about a man recently named by The Australian newspaper as the most influential broadcaster in Australia. He's Radio 2GB 'shock jock' Ray Hadley and his top rating morning radio show is heard all along the East Coast. Hadley was driving taxis when a chance encounter gave him the break he'd dreamed of since he was a kid in a working class suburb. It wasn't long before he toppled John Laws from the number one spot in the notoriously tough Sydney radio market. Ray Hadley is loud, opinionated and controversial. He's a tireless worker for charity. And he's merciless towards politicians. In this program Ray Hadley opens up and reveals some uncomfortable truths about the past and about the temper that's been getting him into trouble.

Season 18 - Episode 15

Know Thy Enemy (2)

This week's program concludes the dramatic story of Olympic cyclist Anna Meares. Meares has dominated women's cycling for nearly a decade. Her first big rival was her own sister and then came fierce battles on and off the track with British favourite Victoria Pendleton. The program reveals details of the audacious victory plan devised by the Australian team in the lead up to the London Olympics and the surprising aftermath...

Season 18 - Episode 14

Know Thy Enemy (1)

This week's program is about a woman who provided some of Australia's most memorable moments at the last Olympics. Anna Meares, the unflinching 'coalminer's daughter' from Central Queensland, has dominated cycling for nearly a decade. The story of her triumphant return to the track after a catastrophic accident has been well documented. What is less well known is the detail of the psychological struggles she navigated on the road to the London Olympics. Her ascendancy in her sport came at some cost to personal and family relationships. As a consequence of Anna's rise, her sister's dreams were crushed. And then there were her famous on and off track battles with the British favourite Victoria Pendleton which soon became the stuff of tabloid legend. From the UK, Pendleton provides candid new insights into the intense rivalry with Meares. And for the first time, Anna Meares reveals her own inside story.

Season 18 - Episode 13

Call of Duty

In a 35-year career, Detective Chief Inspector Peter Fox has forged a reputation as an officer who goes out of his way to look after victims. He rose to national prominence late last year when he defied police rules and disclosed explosive allegations that the Catholic Church had consistently covered up the crimes of paedophile priests in the Newcastle-Hunter region of NSW. The decision to speak out occurred on the spur of the moment during an emotional public forum. Fox says he thought at the time that the consequences would be 'fairly heavy'. But he walked onto the public stage anyway, and addressed hundreds of abuse victims and their supporters. Other appearances followed and within weeks, the Prime Minister announced a far-reaching Royal Commission into the sexual abuse of children in institutions. Fox, along with others, is credited with helping to trigger it. Call Of Duty features exclusive footage of Peter Fox at the meeting that changed his life.

Season 18 - Episode 12

Fade to Black

Monday's Australian Story provides new insights into a saga that's captured the imaginations of all kinds of people all around the world. On Saturday, Melbourne staged a final farewell to Black Caviar. It's been two years since the champion mare first featured on Australian Story. Since then her story has gone global and now rivals that of Phar Lap in terms of regard and recognition.

Season 18 - Episode 11

Down by the Sea (2)

This week's program concludes the story of Australia II's epic quest to win the America's Cup and end the longest winning streak in sporting history. This year marks the thirtieth anniversary of those nation defining moments. The victory has been listed alongside the Moon Landing and the assassination of President John F Kennedy as one of the events that Australians regard as most memorable. Former Prime Minister Bob Hawke, Syndicate Head Alan Bond and skipper John Bertrand are among those who provide intriguing accounts of what was really going on behind the scenes. We also examine the legacy of the win, and discover what's happened to some of the key players in the decades that have followed.

Season 18 - Episode 10

Down by the Sea (1)

If you are a certain age chances are you remember exactly where you were in the early hours of September 27 thirty years ago. It was the day an Australian yacht ended the longest winning streak in sporting history, grabbing the legendary America's Cup from the grandees of the New York Yacht Club. Unprecedented and spontaneous celebrations broke out all around the nation from the coastal fringe and deep into the Outback. In this thirtieth anniversary year, with many of the key players now advanced in age, Australian Story revisits those euphoric and nation defining events. There are surprising and entertaining new insights from all the main players, including then Prime Minister Bob Hawke, Alan Bond and his former wife Eileen and skipper John Bertrand. Also interviewed are Australia II crew member Grant Simmer, London Olympics gold medallist Tom Slingsby and Sydney born 2010 America's Cup winning skipper James Spithill.

Season 18 - Episode 9

Letters to the Editor

This week we're returning to Cunnamulla in outback Queensland and the story of a newspaper, an unlikely romance and a grazing property. James Clark left the bush and found success in the city. But he was drawn home and then chased a new dream of running the local paper. In the process, he divided the town. As you'll see, there've been a number of significant arrivals down on the farm since we last visited.

Season 18 - Episode 8

On the Warpath

We first profiled official war artist Ben Quilty last September as he worked on portraits of Australian soldiers who'd served in Afghanistan. Quilty spoke then of the strong bonds he'd formed with many of his subjects, including some of the elite special operations troops who he says revealed a depth of emotional distress that shocked him to his core. Six months later, Quilty's exhibition is now on tour and attracting much interest. In the intervening time, his own journey from artist to angry advocate has led him to argue for better treatment for returned soldiers who he says continue to suffer from their time in the war zone.

Season 18 - Episode 7

Suddenly Last Summer (2)

Monday night's program has the emotional conclusion to our story about former Australian cricket captain Ricky Ponting and his family. This episode has the inside story of a series of dramatic highs and lows on and off the field. On the cricket pitch, Ponting's triumphant century in the 2003 World Cup final, losing and regaining the Ashes, and the PR disaster of 'Monkeygate'. While at home, unfolding behind the scenes, there was a long and private struggle to parenthood, disclosed here for the first time by Ponting and his wife Rianna. When Ponting suddenly decided to retire last year, it was front page news around the nation and even Federal Parliament stopped briefly to mark the occasion. In this program, Ponting, his parents, and wife Rianna tell the full inside story behind the decision...

Season 18 - Episode 6

Suddenly Last Summer (1)

This week's program has the untold personal story of an Australian cricket captain through the eyes of those closest to him. The cricket captaincy occupies a unique place in the national consciousness. When Ricky Ponting, the first Tasmanian to lead the team, retired from international cricket last December, grown men cried, parliamentary business was interrupted and a gaping hole was left in the once all conquering Australian cricket team. The episode reveals how a prankster from a tough housing commission background in Launceston made the transition to one of the most decorated cricketers of all time and the nation's best batsman after the mighty Sir Donald Bradman. Wife Rianna is credited with being a major influence in the transformation. In Monday's program she provides her first ever extended interview with some surprising, highly personal and candid insights.

Season 18 - Episode 5

The Chosen One

This week, the story of three young Australians and their mission to rescue an orphaned elephant calf on the Indonesian Island of Sumatra. Sumatran elephants are officially listed as critically endangered, driven out of their habitat by encroaching industries – in particular, palm oil production. It is estimated that there are now only two or three thousand left in the wild. But against all the odds, one Sumatran elephant calf has become a symbol of hope in an otherwise bleak situation. The program has the heart warming story of 'Bona' and three friends mobilising to save her. The three are all ex employees of the late Steve Irwin, who had a particular interest in the plight of the Sumatran elephants. As this episode reveals, some of those closest to the 'Crocodile Hunter' played a key role in the saga...

Season 18 - Episode 4

The First Word

This week's program is about a man who's become an international pioneer in a significant but unlikely field. A failed medical school student turned journalist, Peter Ford hit the big time in the US as a CNN anchorman. He travelled extensively and covered many big stories around the world. But beneath the telegenic exterior an 'inner nerd' was lurking. Using his self-taught computer code-writing skills, Peter developed software that enables the most severely disabled people to communicate. His invention has even attracted the interest of Professor Stephen Hawking...

Season 18 - Episode 3

So Much to Say

Stevie Wright became a superstar at the age of sixteen, with the iconic 1960s rock band The Easybeats - the first Australian group to achieve chart success in the UK, US and Europe. He went on to win another generation of fans as a solo artist with hits like 'Evie', 'Hard Road' and 'Black Eyed Bruiser'. But along with the exhilarating highs, he has experienced devastating lows - which on several occasions could have been fatal. Now the legend of Stevie Wright is being rekindled with help from fellow musician and lifelong fan, Scott McRae who has created a 'rockumentary' live show of his idol's extraordinary life. Australian Story has recorded Stevie Wright's last public performance - a special poignant encore in Scott McRae's stage show.

Season 18 - Episode 2

On the Precipice

Scott Johnson was a young man with everything going for him - a maths genius with a bright future. But on a trip to a Sydney beach one sunny day in 1988, everything changed. The search for the truth of what happened that day has brought together a wealthy internet pioneer, an international super sleuth, and the NSW Police Cold Case Unit. This week, the story of their quest to solve a twenty-five-year-old-mystery.

Season 18 - Episode 1

The Light of Day

In 2004 Sam Cullen and his wife Janet bought a rare collection of photographs at a London auction. They were captivated by the haunting faces in the photos. The couple began piecing together a puzzle few thought could ever be solved. Their quest took them to the beautiful Clarence River region of NSW and into some of the most troubling aspects of our history. Now, eight years down the track, the Cullens' labour of love has turned up some astonishing and surprising results which are revealed for the first time on Monday night...

Season 17 - Episode 41

Under Her Spell

Zelie Bullen is a former stunt woman, turned world renowned animal trainer who trained Abraham, the lead horse in Steven Spielberg's movie 'War Horse'.

Season 17 - Episode 40

Dreams from My Mother

Oscar-nominated actress Diane Cilento left Hollywood at the height of her fame to pursue more creative and spiritual endeavours. Her most enduring love was a theatre she created in the middle of the North Queensland rainforest.

Season 17 - Episode 39

A Man of His Word

Veteran print reporter Malcolm Brown has covered some of the biggest stories of the last four decades, but now finds himself somewhat out of step with the times in an industry caught on the cutting edge of the digital revolution.

Season 17 - Episode 38

The Year of Living Famously

Ben Lewin and Judi Levine are two film-makers whose latest film 'The Sessions' has received considerable acclaim and is now being tipped as an Academy Awards contender.

Season 17 - Episode 37

The Slam (Part 2)

Part two follows Laver through his marriage to an older American divorcee, raising children, battling a near catastrophic stroke and his return to Australia in circumstances he describes as the supreme highlight of his life.

Season 17 - Episode 36

The Slam

Exclusive with Rod Laver: the tennis legend is joined by family, friends and a line up of greats including Roger Federer.

Season 17 - Episode 35

Leap of Faith

Li Cunxin - once one of the world's best known dancers - embarks on a high stakes return to the ballet world after 15 years as a stockbroker.

Season 17 - Episode 34

Life After Puberty

Nell Schofield and Jad Capelja, the two young girls who starred in the 1981 Bruce Beresford film 'Puberty Blues', found fame and celebrity and looked set for big careers on screen...

Season 17 - Episode 33

Alaska and Me

Twenty-seven year old John Cantor has devoted the past six years to trying to complete one of the toughest solo expeditions on earth - Brooks Range in Alaska.

Season 17 - Episode 32

On Bicheno Beach

It's forty years since a 15 year old Shane Gould created a sporting sensation by winning three individual gold medals at the Munich Olympics.

Season 17 - Episode 31

War Paint

Ben Quilty is an Archibald prize winning artist with a lifelong interest in concepts of masculinity - from youthful excesses with drugs, alcohol and fast cars to soldiers on the front line.

Season 17 - Episode 30

Kicking the Habit

A recent High Court ruling all but ended the branding of cigarette packets in Australia. The decision and the woman behind it, Federal-Attorney General Nicola Roxon, have generated news headlines around the world.

Season 17 - Episode 29

The Queen of Extreme

Torah Bright has lived in the United States since she was fifteen years old when she turned professional as a snowboarder. Since then, she's flown under the radar of many Australians. Her specialty is the half pipe – a winter Olympic event with a huge international following.

Season 17 - Episode 28

Tatiana Is Dancing

Tanya Pearson has shaped the careers of hundreds of aspiring Australian dancers and at 75 continues to teach classical ballet full time.

Season 17 - Episode 27

Her Natural Life

This program documents Annabelle Sandes' unlikely pathway from the fine art auction rooms of inner Sydney to whale conservation in the Kimberley.

Season 17 - Episode 26

It Takes a Village

In 2001 Ian and Sandy Johnson adopted two orphaned children, Tigi and Frazer, from Ethiopia. Now with the children 12 and 15, we returned to find out how it's all worked out.

Season 17 - Episode 25

Foolin' Around

Popular Country singer Beccy Cole has decided she is ready to tell audiences about a personal dilemma which has dogged her for more than ten years.

Season 17 - Episode 24

Stranger on the Shore

Next week's program tells the story of a young woman unsettling her middle class Melbourne family by going out on a limb to 'adopt' a fourteen year old Afghan asylum seeker.

Season 17 - Episode 23

Letters to the Editor

It's a time of unprecedented crisis in the newspaper industry. But this week's Australian Story is about a former big city journalist who's bucking the trend. James Clark had been living the dream in Paris when he decided to put his future, his relationship and the family sheep station on the line to chase his dream of running a little local newspaper in outback Cunnamulla.

Season 17 - Episode 22

Her Hour Upon the Stage (Part 2)

This week, the conclusion to our story about Diana Bliss whose death earlier this year was reported around the world.

Season 17 - Episode 21

Her Hour Upon the Stage (Part 1)

Part One of our two part special where friends and family of Diana Bliss tell her story and reveal the extent of the private torment behind the glittering existence.

Season 17 - Episode 20

To Set Before a Queen

In the early hours of Sunday June 24, the unbeaten Black Caviar will take on Europe's best at Royal Ascot, in front of the Queen. This is the fascinating inside story of the making of Black Caviar, stretching back across the generations.

Season 17 - Episode 19

The Voice

Gurrumul Yunupingu's haunting voice has captivated global audiences, most recently in London for Queen Elizabeth's Diamond Jubilee celebrations.

Season 17 - Episode 18

Walking with Kate Mulvany

Actress and playwright Kate Mulvany has experienced more than most people do in a lifetime and speaks candidly about life's many challenges and explains how she found the energy and determination to return to the public spotlight.

Season 17 - Episode 17

Turning the Tables

Jack Manning Bancroft, was just 19 when he started a plan to help disadvantaged kids finish school. Now at 26 he's one of Australia's youngest CEO's.

Season 17 - Episode 16

According to Her Cloth

From international model via prison to toast of Australian fashion week as a new generation designer: Tovah Cottle.

Season 17 - Episode 15

When We Were Racers

Triple world champion, Sir Jack Brabham became the first driver to be knighted for services to motorsport and the only Formula One driver to win a world title in a car of his own construction.

Season 17 - Episode 14

Larger Than Life

Clive Palmer has been described as a generous giver, a national treasure and a major political force. He's also been labelled a billionaire mining magnate who has never mined, a human headline and a manipulator of the media.

Season 17 - Episode 13

Return to Wooleen

Since Half a Million Acres aired, the Pollock's battle to save their property has attracted powerful supporters and a visit by natural landscape ecologist, Peter Andrews who has previously featured on Australian Story.

Season 17 - Episode 12

The Razor's Edge

Risktaker, investigator and troublemaker: animal advocate Lyn White and the images that shocked a nation.

Season 17 - Episode 11

Streets with No Names

Scott Neeson built a career as a top Hollywood movie executive but after a holiday in Cambodia, gave it all up and now works to help some of the poorest children there.

Season 17 - Episode 10

A Done Deal

Ric Richardson is an inventor who took on the might of Microsoft and scored a remarkable victory.

Season 17 - Episode 9

House Of Hancock

Another look at the 1997 classic story on Australia's richest person, Gina Rinehart.

Season 17 - Episode 8

Going Troppo

From teenage years marked by delinquency, expulsions from school and several brushes with the law, John Polson became a successful actor and went on to direct some of the world's best known TV dramas.

Season 17 - Episode 7

Woman from Snowy River

Leigh Woodgate's journey from young mountain girl to shining racing star, through dark days of hospital and recovery to the triumphant joy of riding a horse for early morning track work.

Season 17 - Episode 6

The Book of Daniel

Daniel Clarke at the age of ten, inspired by the late Steve Irwin, set out to raise funds to conserve habitat for orangutans in Indonesia.

Season 17 - Episode 5

Half a Million Acres

David Pollock, a young man from remote Western Australia and Frances Jones, a young woman from the Melbourne suburbs, battle to save the historic grazing property Wooleen.

Season 17 - Episode 4

By the Light of Stars

Yaron Lifschitz took a small, troubled circus company and turned it into an artistic triumph that now has the world applauding its daring and glamour.

Season 17 - Episode 3

Mary and Me

Kath Evans was diagnosed with lung cancer that had spread to her brain and given only weeks to live. She attributes her sudden, extraordinary recovery to the then Blessed Mary MacKillop and the event was accepted by the Vatican as a miracle.

Season 17 - Episode 2

Road to Nowhere (Part 2)

The conclusion to our story on Di Gilcrist and her fight for justice after her husband was killed in a hit-and-run cyclist incident.

Season 17 - Episode 1

Road to Nowhere (Part 1)

Part 1 of our story on Di Gicrist, the woman taking on the big end of town and changing the face of justice in South Australia after her husband was killed in a hit-and-run cyclist incident.

Season 16 - Episode 41

When William Met Sarah

Film critic Margaret Pomeranz introduces this encore edition on the very special personal and professional bond shared by filmmaker Sarah Watt and her husband actor and writer William McInnes.

Season 16 - Episode 40

The Planet They're On

Nazeem Hussain and Aamer Rahman have become two of the hottest young comedians on the Australian comedy scene.

Season 16 - Episode 39

Something About Me

Kristina Keneally made history by becoming the first female Premier of NSW. What few realise is the family experience that she says led her into politics and toughened her for the brutal crossfire of public life.

Season 16 - Episode 38

Bad Blood (Part 2)

The conclusion to the program about the notorious case of Jeffrey Gilham, currently serving a life sentence for the murders of his own parents in Sydney nearly twenty years ago.

Season 16 - Episode 37

Bad Blood (Part 1)

Part one of the program that centres on the notorious case of Jeffrey Gilham, in jail for life for the murders of his own parents.

Season 16 - Episode 36

Under Her Spell

Zelie Bullen is stepping into the international spotlight as the woman who trained 'Abraham', the lead horse in Spielberg's production of the Tony award winning play 'War Horse'.

Season 16 - Episode 35

For the Holy Grail

A repeat of the program about Australian scientists Dr Jennifer MacDiarmid and Dr Himanshu Brahmbhatt and one of medicine's holy grails finding a way to treat cancer without toxic side effects and avoiding drug resistance.

Season 16 - Episode 34

Scared Straight

TV Drama legend Sue Masters teamed up with 'Bra Boys' Maccario de Souza and his friends Mark Matthews and Richie Vas to work on a big screen documentary about big wave surfing, alcohol fuelled violence and the sequence of events that finally frightened the young men into cleaning up their lives.

Season 16 - Episode 33

The Courage of Her Convictions

When Catherine Smith was found not guilty of attempting to murder her own husband it was a turning point in one of the most extraordinary cases in Australian criminal history.

Season 16 - Episode 32

Brand New Day

Three years ago Gavin Larkin used his marketing nous and high profile contacts to create a national day of awareness called R U OK? Day. But not long after the launch, the super fit indomitable Gavin was anything but okay...

Season 16 - Episode 31

Paint the Town Black

Not since the mighty Phar Lap has a horse captured the public imagination like Black Caviar. She remains unbeaten after thirteen runs and has been declared the best racehorse in the world.

Season 16 - Episode 30

The Trials of Jonty Bush

In the space of a few years Jonty Bush lost two of her closest family members in separate and unrelated crimes. Instead of succumbing to grief and anger, she took up the challenge to change the world and in the process changed herself...

Season 16 - Episode 29

Ita Tells Me So (Part 2)

In Part Two Ita Buttrose talks candidly about men, dating, loneliness, family, media ethics and grabbing life by the throat, at any age.

Season 16 - Episode 28

Ita Tells Me So (Part 1)

Ita Buttrose and those closest to her go on the record with their recollections of a trail blazing career and a momentous period in Australia's social history in Part One of a candid, moving, and surprising double episode.

Season 16 - Episode 27

A Plague On All Their Houses

An encore edition of our bittersweet story of Queensland vet Ben Cunneen and his co-worker, Natalie Beohm who were exposed to the Hendra horse virus with devastating consequences.

Season 16 - Episode 26

A Measure of Courage

Captain Hec Waller and Ordinary Seaman Teddy Sheean both saw service during the darkest days of the Japanese advance towards Australia during World War II. Despite their heroism neither was ever nominated for the Forces' highest accolade, the Victoria Cross.

Season 16 - Episode 25

Trust Me Mr Chandler

International banker Sascha Chandler had a secret he'd been harbouring since childhood. Two years ago he decided to deal with his demons and joined forces with a dogged NSW detective to bring to justice one of the country's most elusive and dangerous predators.

Season 16 - Episode 24

City of Angels

Alisa Latto was born with a life threatening genetic condition – one shared by her two siblings and her mother, Rosemary... This story follows her difficult journey to motherhood.

Season 16 - Episode 23

Desperate Remedies (Part 2)

The conclusion to the story of Penelope Dingle whose untimely death had shattering and unexpected repercussions for those closest to her.

Season 16 - Episode 22

Desperate Remedies (Part 1)

Penelope Dingle was a former model and actor married to TV science guru Peter Dingle. At the age of 43 she was diagnosed with a common cancer regarded as highly curable if it’s caught early...

Season 16 - Episode 21

Love and Other Drugs

When Sally Nielsen's fiance Sam Goddard suffered a catastrophic stroke, she ignored the advice of some of those closest to her and stuck by him. Now her efforts have produced an amazing medical breakthrough.