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Panorama has 66 seasons with a total of 189 episodes.

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Season 66 - Episode 43

HS2: Going off the Rails?

Panorama investigates the impact the High Speed 2 rail scheme is having and what the final cost of the project could be.

Season 66 - Episode 42

Takeaway Secrets Exposed

Reporter Tina Daheley lifts the lid on the secrets of the takeaway industry, investigating how planning laws are being subverted and food safety legislation flouted by producers.

Season 66 - Episode 41

Ripped Off? Join The Club

Panorama investigates a businessman targeting sports and social clubs with offers of financial help that can end up costing them everything. With little or nothing in the bank but assets worth thousands, these clubs are often the lifeblood of local communities across the UK. In one case, a football club claims to have lost its pitch, clubhouse, car park and nearly a million pounds from the sale of a plot of their land. As reporter Jon Cuthill reveals, they are just one club among many, including Conservative clubs and working men's clubs, who say they have been ripped off after seeking help with relatively small debts. Some, with long and proud histories, have ended up closing altogether, while many have had premises they once owned outright sold from under them.

Season 66 - Episode 40

The Great Implant Scandal

They keep us moving and they keep our hearts beating, but not all medical devices are properly tested before they are put inside us. Reporter Deborah Cohen investigates an industry where some patients are treated like human guinea pigs and then abandoned when things go wrong.

Season 66 - Episode 39

Salisbury Nerve Agent Attack: The Inside Story

Season 66 - Episode 38

Catfish: The Billion Pound Romance Scam

It's a crime that breaks the hearts of victims as well as emptying their bank accounts. Thousands of people lose money to romance frauds each year after being conned on internet dating sites. The criminals are called catfish, and they promise love and marriage to get cash. Reporter Athar Ahmad turns the tables on the fraudsters by using his own fake dating profile to expose the international gangs behind the crime.

Season 66 - Episode 37

The Universal Credit Crisis

As the government's controversial new benefits system, universal credit, is rolled out, Panorama is with families as they struggle with their claims. The programme follows one council as it deals with mounting rent arrears and tenants in crisis. The government has responded to criticism of the new system by announcing more funding, but is it too little too late?

Season 66 - Episode 36

Trump: What Next?

Will President Trump be forced out of office? On the eve of the most important US midterm elections for a generation, Panorama examines allegations that Trump colluded with Russia to win the presidency, and looks at the similarities with the Watergate scandal which brought down Richard Nixon. Reporter Hilary Andersson joins the campaign trail in West Virginia, where the president's message of a vast political witch-hunt against him has fired up Republican voters. If the Democrats do well tomorrow, it could open the door to impeachment, but Trump's supporters believe they will win and warn of riots should the establishment try to take their man down.

Season 66 - Episode 35

Trapped by My Mortgage

Season 66 - Episode 34

Syria's Chemical War

Panorama investigates the use of chemical weapons in the civil war that's torn Syria apart in the last seven years. President Assad and his allies Russia and Iran have consistently denied the Syrian regime has used chemical weapons. But Nawal Al-Maghafi's shocking expose reveals the true extent of chemical weapons use by the regime and shows they are a crucial part of his war-winning strategy, terrorising and driving out civilians from opposition-held areas. Never before have chemical weapons have been used in this way and to this extent, but Panorama shows the west has been unable to prevent it. Nawal hears from families who have fled their homes and joined the 13 million displaced people and refugees. Though the Syrian government is now saying it's safe for refugees to return, few dare to go back home. With extraordinary footage from inside the city of Idlib, the one remaining rebel outpost, Panorama reveals the lasting impact of these weapons.

Season 66 - Episode 33

Can Violent Men Change?

Panorama explores courses and therapies designed to stop domestic abusers from reoffending, asking how effective these interventions are and if violent men can ever really change.

Season 66 - Episode 32

Kids in Crisis

Britain is in the grip of a child mental health crisis. Nearly half a million children are either waiting for treatment or receiving it. The government has promised more money for child mental health but in the meantime getting help is a postcode lottery. Some children are waiting up to two years to be seen and others are being sent hundreds of miles away from home for treatment. In this Panorama, Sean Fletcher, whose own teenage son Reuben has been hospitalised with severe obsessive compulsive disorder, investigates the Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service - CAHMS. He investigates whether care is being rationed in some areas, leaving children to deteriorate until they have to be hospitalised. And he speaks to children who have been let down by the system and despairing parents who believe their children's lives have been put at risk.

Season 66 - Episode 31

Inside No 10: Deal or No Deal?

The Brexit deadline is looming - just weeks left to get a deal, just months until the country is due to leave the European Union. The stakes are high for Britain, and at the centre of it all is the prime minister. Theresa May has to strike a deal with the EU and convince the public and MPs that her plan is the best plan. The only alternative, the government say, is no deal at all. But many disagree - and her own party, the opposition and the country are divided. So what does the prime minister's plan really mean, and what else could we do? At a crucial time for the country, Panorama has been inside Downing Street with Theresa May as she seeks to navigate Britain's negotiations with the EU. Nick Robinson interviews the prime minister and hears from all sides about deals and no-deal.

Season 66 - Episode 30

Profits before Pupils? The Academies Scandal

More than 7,000 schools in England have been turned into academies and are now run by private trusts. The people in charge are not supposed to profit from children's education, but what's to stop them from cashing in? Reporter Bronagh Munro investigates a businessman whose companies have been paid millions from school budgets and asks whether it's the pupils who are paying the price.

Season 66 - Episode 29

Murder on the Streets

Across Britain serious violence is rising. There have been over 80 murders in London in 2018 alone, which includes eight children, under 18. Panorama investigates why young people are losing their lives, by focusing on just one of these murders. 17-year old Rhyhiem Barton grew up on the Brandon Estate in South London, and was killed on the streets there. Filming with his family and friends, the programme looks at the devastation and loss caused by Rhyhiem's death- from their perspective. It explores what might have led to his murder and how the community has responded to try and prevent more of their children being killed.

Season 66 - Episode 28

Legal Weapon

Panorama investigates how antique guns are being brought into the UK perfectly legally and ending up in the hands of criminals. Panorama buys two handguns, one in America, carrying it through customs, and the other from an antique guns fair in Birmingham. Under current legislation it is legal to buy and sell guns provided commercially manufactured ammunition is no longer available. But criminals are home making ammunition for these antique weapons and then using them to kill. Gloucester gun dealer Paul Edmunds flooded the streets of Birmingham and London with antique guns as well as modern guns passed off as antiques. These weapons have been used in multiple murders. Now West Midlands Police and the National Ballistics Intelligence Service are calling for a change in the law to close this loophole.

Season 66 - Episode 27

Doctors on Trial

Panorama investigates the case which has sparked outrage among doctors - a junior doctor convicted of manslaughter and then struck off the medical register for her role in the death of a boy. In 2011, six-year-old Jack Adcock was admitted into the Leicester Royal Infirmary, under the care of Dr Hadiza Bawa Garba. Less than 12 hours later he had died from sepsis, a potentially life threatening condition which the doctor had failed to spot. But the action that was taken against her has provoked an outcry from the medical profession, who say she has been unfairly blamed for mistakes made while working in an overstretched and under-resourced NHS. So what should happen when doctors make mistakes? And who should take responsibility? Panorama talks to Dr Bawa Garba in her first interview and to the parents of Jack Adcock to explore the story.

Season 66 - Episode 26

Online Doctors Uncovered

Panorama goes undercover to reveal online doctor sites putting profit before patient care. In 2017 the Care Quality Commission issued a warning about the risks of buying drugs prescribed by doctors online. The programme discovers opiate-based painkillers and slimming tablets being sold to potentially vulnerable people and antibiotics being delivered across Europe in the face of warnings about resistance. Dr Faye Kirkland, journalist and GP, meets the families of patients who have died after online consultations and exposes the sites running rings around the regulators.

Season 66 - Episode 25

Get Rich or Die Young

Life expectancy in Britain varies dramatically depending upon where you live. The rich live longer and the poor die younger. Reporter Richard Bilton visits Stockton, the town with the country's worst health inequality. He investigates why people in the town centre can only expect to live to 69, while their wealthier neighbours a couple of miles away will live an average of 18 years longer.

Season 66 - Episode 24

The Fake Murder that Fooled the World

Found in a pool of blood, Arkady Babchenko, a Russian journalist and critic of President Putin, was declared murdered in Ukraine in May. But a day later he was back from the dead, appearing alive and well at a Kiev press conference. Speaking to all the key players for the first time, Jonah Fisher has the inside story of how to fake a murder. Why did Ukrainian security services stage his death? And in the propaganda war between the truth and fake news, what, if anything, did it achieve?

Season 66 - Episode 23

Fighting for my Child

In the aftermath of the Alfie Evans and Charlie Gard cases, Panorama meets three extraordinary families who spend their lives caring for children with serious disabilities. The number of school-aged children with complex needs has doubled since 2004, but many families now struggle to secure the help their children need in the face of limited resources. Families let cameras into their homes to see what it takes to give their children the care they need on a daily basis - sometimes it's a fight to simply keep them alive. Are we willing to do what it takes to give these children a decent quality of life?

Season 66 - Episode 22

Trump: Is the President a Sex Pest?

Donald Trump has been accused of sexually inappropriate behaviour by more than 20 women, but he has dismissed them all as liars. Now one of those women is suing him for defamation. An American court will have to decide what really happened and whether the President of the United States is a sexual predator. So what is the truth about Donald Trump's behaviour towards women? In the week of his visit to Britain, reporter Richard Bilton investigates new allegations about Mr Trump and meets the women who say the president is a sex pest.

Season 66 - Episode 21

Smartphones: The Dark Side

People are all increasingly glued to their smart phones and consumed by social media, but why? Panorama reporter Hilary Andersson tracks down tech insiders who reveal how social-media companies have deliberately developed habit-forming technology to get people hooked. A former Facebook manager tells the programme: 'Their goal is to addict you and then sell your time' and the creator of the 'like' button warns of the dangers of social-media addiction. Panorama investigates the science behind the lure of technology, and shows how behavioural science has been used to keep people endlessly checking their phones.

Season 66 - Episode 20

Exposed: Northern Dreams, Failed Schemes

When the government launched the Northern Powerhouse, the plan was to attract investment and improve infrastructure. But four years on, some of the big projects have failed. These high-profile property developments were marketed with great fanfare, and some were promoted and backed by local authorities. Now building sites stand abandoned, local investors have lost millions and confidence in the north has been badly damaged. So what went wrong? Reporter Michelle Ackerley investigates why some projects have failed, as well as the local developers and businesses that made big promises but have failed to deliver.

Season 66 - Episode 19

Putin's Russia with David Dimbleby

As thousands of British fans prepare to travel to Russia for the World Cup, David Dimbleby returns to a country he first visited when Yeltsin came to power 25 years ago. For 18 of those years, Vladimir Putin has ruled the largest country on earth, and he has another six years ahead of him. But with talk of a new Cold War, and with British Intelligence accusing Putin's government of 'criminal thuggery', this Panorama special asks what Russians see in him and how he has held on to power for so long. David talks to an eclectic mix of Putin's supporters, from a mother of ten who has been awarded the Order of Parental Glory, to a deputy prime minister and one of Putin's advisors. He joins children as young as seven learning to load and shoot guns in a patriotic youth club, and a group of young Muscovite fans of the president who are trying to cash in on the Putin brand. David also hears from opposition protestors, lawyers and journalists who reveal the extent and ruthlessness of the Kremlin's autocratic rule

Season 66 - Episode 18

Tessa Jowell: Her Last Campaign

In 2017, former culture secretary Dame Tessa Jowell was diagnosed with a malignant brain tumour. Three in four people diagnosed with her type of brain cancer are dead within a year. Brain cancer is becoming more common and the UK has one of the lowest survival rates in western Europe. After her diagnosis, Tessa Jowell and her daughter Jess launched a campaign for brain cancer patients to get access to more trials and treatments than are available on the NHS. With intimate access during the final weeks of her life, this moving Panorama follows Tessa as she tries to use her influence to highlight the struggles of brain cancer patients across the UK and to bring about a radical and permanent change in NHS cancer treatment.

Season 66 - Episode 17

Last Chance for Justice

What if you were jailed for a crime you didn't commit? Panorama investigates the cases of two convicted murderers who have each spent almost 20 years in prison and have always protested their innocence. Their only hope of clearing their names lies with the Criminal Cases Review Commission (CCRC), the body tasked with probing alleged miscarriages of justice. But many believe the CCRC is failing. Reporter Mark Daly finds new evidence in cases the CCRC rejected and investigates whether the watchdog is fit for purpose.

Season 66 - Episode 16

Grenfell: Who Is to Blame?

It has nearly been a year since Britain's worst fire in living memory, and nobody has been arrested or held to account. Reporter Richard Bilton reveals new evidence about the safety failures that led to the deaths of 72 people at Grenfell Tower. He tracks down those with questions to answer and confronts those who may share the blame.

Season 66 - Episode 15

Police Under Pressure

With a surge of violent crime in London and recorded crime rising across the country, Panorama films with four police forces to ask if Britain's police can cope. The film reveals forces stretched to crisis point by eight years of austerity and a national shortage of detectives. An exclusive analysis of police data for Panorama shows how fewer crimes are ending up with any suspect charged. Chief constables speak about the strains on their forces and how changes have had to be made not only in the way they prioritise crime, but how they investigate it too. But do the public accept these changes? Panorama hears from victims of crime and communities who fear Britain's streets are no longer being properly policed. Less

Season 66 - Episode 14

Hacked: Smart Home Secrets

Smart devices and the latest technological gadgets give us remote control of our homes and our cars - but how safe are they? Reporter Fiona Phillips investigates their hidden dangers and reveals how products designed to make life easier around the home can be hacked. She discovers families whose children are being spied on because their baby monitors are being streamed live online, and meets a couple who had no idea they were being watched, in their own home, by thousands of strangers around the world.

Season 66 - Episode 13

Getting a Fair Trial?

Everyone has the right to a fair trial, but how sure can people be that, if it came to it, they would get one? Panorama reporter Katie Razzall investigates cases where crucial evidence had not been investigated by the police or where evidence had been withheld from defendants. One man was wrongly jailed for four years, another had the case against him thrown out just before his trial was due to start and a man was put on trial for rape despite the alleged victim saying he should not have been charged. All rape prosecutions are now being reviewed after the collapse of some high-profile trials. Former High Court judge Richard Henriques tells the programme there have been too many cases recently where only at the last moment the truth comes to light and the system must do better.

Season 66 - Episode 12

Gangsters' Dirty Money Exposed

Why does London attract so much dirty money? Panorama tracks down a violent Ukrainian crime gang using offshore companies and professionals to hide suspicious wealth in the UK. An in-depth investigation of leaked documents reveals gangsters, their families and associates taking advantage of offshore secrecy and ineffective money laundering controls to buy luxurious property and expensive works of art. Reporter Andy Verity follows the gangsters' trail from Odessa to Rome and London.

Season 66 - Episode 11

North Korea's Secret Slave Gangs

As President Trump and the North Korean leader, Kim Jong-un, prepare for an unprecedented summit, Panorama investigates North Korean modern-day slavery. It is thought that more than one hundred thousand North Korean workers are posted abroad to earn money for the cash-strapped regime - money that is being ploughed into Kim Jong-un's nuclear weapons programme. An international consortium of journalists has filmed undercover to reveal secret work gangs operating in Russia, China and Poland.

Season 66 - Episode 10

Britain's Equal Pay Scandal

For the first time, the UK's biggest employers are having to reveal the average wages they pay men and women. At the same time, the BBC and many other organisations find themselves in battles over equal pay. Almost 50 years after the passing of the Equal Pay Act, why are women still not being paid as much as men? Jane Corbin travels the UK to meet the workers, from supermarket staff and council carers to BBC presenters, who are fighting for equality - even if the costs run into the billions.

Season 66 - Episode 9

Taking on Putin

Vladimir Putin is about to face the voters, and most think his victory is a foregone conclusion. If the Russian president does win six more years in power, he will become the country's longest-serving ruler since Stalin. So why is Putin so powerful? Reporter John Sweeney investigates allegations that the Kremlin has subverted democracy in Russia. He meets the Putin opponent who has been banned from the election, hears from the opposition activists who say they have been attacked and finds out for himself what it is like to be targeted by the Russian state.

Season 66 - Episode 8

Immigration: Who Should We Let in?

Public concerns about immigration were at the heart of the vote to leave the EU. Since then, the government has been silent on their plans. But with just a year to go until the country leaves, there are big unanswered questions about how any new system will work after Brexit - and the issue still stirs up powerful emotions. Nick Robinson travels from the heartlands of the leave vote to the front line of the NHS to find out what immigration the public wants and what Britain's businesses and public services say they need, and to ask the big question: who should we let in?

Season 66 - Episode 7

Weinstein: The Inside Story

Harvey Weinstein was once one of the most successful producers in Hollywood history, but beneath the glitz and glamour, there was a dark story of threats, bullying and allegations of sexual assault. As Hollywood prepares to celebrate the 90th Academy Awards, Panorama investigates Weinstein's spectacular fall from grace and the extraordinary efforts he made to silence his accusers. This one-hour special, co-produced with PBS Frontline, examines the complex web of lawyers, journalists and private detectives deployed to keep Weinstein's secrets hidden.

Season 66 - Episode 6

Evicted for No Reason

Richard Bilton sheds light on the difficulties faced by many private tenants in the UK, who have no long-term right to stay in their homes, and can be ordered to leave with little by the way of notice or explanation. Courts ordered more than 24,000 'No-fault' evictions last year and Richard meets some of the people whose lives have been plunged into chaos by their landlords. He also talks to landlords. Britain depends on the private sector, and 'no fault evictions' are a lifeline for Britain's millions of landlords.

Season 66 - Episode 5

Who Wants to Be a Bitcoin Millionaire?

Panorama investigates what Bitcoin is and what it means, going inside a Bitcoin mine in Iceland - where currency is made - and spending time with the Bitcoin millionaires of Silicon Valley. The programme also hears from others who have been scammed out of their life savings and investors who think the cryptocurrency is an enormous scam and that the writing is on the wall. In Britain, and around the world, authorities are sounding the alarm that Bitcoin is too risky - is it too late, or too crazy, to try to become a Bitcoin millionaire?

Season 66 - Episode 4

Addicted: Last Chance Mums

Can a mother addicted to drugs change? Should the state be helping her or taking her baby away? The number of newborns being taken into care is rocketing. Many of the thousands of women who lose their babies each year are drug addicts. Many have had children permanently removed before. In this film, Panorama has been given exclusive access to one of the only residential units in the country trying to break this cycle, Trevi House in Plymouth. We follow mothers and their babies undergoing intensive treatment as they try to prove they're fit to be a parent. The stakes couldn't be higher - if they fail they will lose their baby forever.

Season 66 - Episode 3

White Fright: Divided Britain

In 2007 Panorama made a programme in Blackburn, which was becoming segregated along ethnic and religious lines. Now Panorama has returned and found a town that is even more divided. Some parts of Blackburn are almost entirely Muslim Asian, while other parts are only lived in by white residents. This kind of social segregation has been described as a national crisis, despite decades of government policy aimed at bringing people together. So why do such divisions persist? Panorama visits one town to answer that question and illustrate the impact of social segregation on local communities.

Season 66 - Episode 2

Trump Voters: One Year On

Donald Trump has changed the face of American politics, but what do the people who voted for him make of his tumultuous first year in office? Filmed over a year in Michigan, Wyoming, Texas and Florida, this programme hears from Trump supporters who hoped that he would 'make America great again'. But with so much promised, Panorama asks whether his supporters are still happy and if they would vote for him again.

Season 66 - Episode 1

Millionaire Bankrupts Exposed

Bankruptcy isn't always what it seems. Some of Britain's biggest bankrupts are going to great lengths to hide their money while declaring bankruptcy to escape their debts. In this investigation, reporter Sam Poling goes undercover to expose the tricks wealthy business people can use to keep hold of their wealth, while those they owe money to are left with nothing. She meets the millionaire bankrupts making a mockery of the system and asks how they can get away with it.

Season 65 - Episode 48

Myanmar: The Hidden Truth

In August 2017, 11-year-old Monzur Ali saw things no child should ever see. Military helicopters landed on the football pitch in his village in Northern Rakhine in Myanmar. 'We didn't really want to leave my village but there was a lot of shooting. Some people were hanged from trees and shot. The dead bodies were left hanging', Monzur told Panorama. He and his family fled the country and are now living across the border in a giant refugee camp in Bangladesh. Like Monzur, hundreds of thousands of Rohingya have fled Myanmar in 2017 to escape being killed, raped and abused by security forces and local Buddhists. It has been described by the UN as a textbook example of ethnic cleansing, but could it amount to genocide? Using powerful eyewitness testimony, government documents and previously unseen footage, reporter Justin Rowlatt reveals how the Rohingya population has been isolated and weakened, and shows that attacks were part of a highly-planned and organised operation.

Season 65 - Episode 47

The Operation that Ruined My Life

Women across the UK are suffering after an operation they were told would transform their lives. Instead, some of them say their lives have been ruined. For years women have been fitted with mesh-like devicesto treat prolapse or incontinence - often caused by childbirth. Although it's been a successful treatment for many of them, thousands of women in the US, the UK and Australia are now suing, after finding themselves in agony or suffering other serious complications. Reporter Lucy Adams meets women living with constant pain. She investigates how and why these devices were approved for use in the first place and asks whether manufacturers and regulators should have acted sooner to take some of them off the market.

Season 65 - Episode 46

Jihadis You Pay For

Millions of pounds of British aid money have been spent trying to bring security to Syria and to protect the UK from terrorism. But whistleblowers say our development efforts have been undermined by mismanagement, waste and corruption. Using hundreds of leaked documents, reporter Jane Corbin pieces together the shocking truth about one of the government's flagship foreign aid projects. She discovers how some of the cash has ended up in the hands of extremists and how an organisation we are funding has been involved in executions and torture.

Season 65 - Episode 45

The Billion Pound VAT Scam

Season 65 - Episode 44

Student Loan Scandal

As the government backs private colleges to help open up higher education to all, Panorama goes undercover to expose how fraud is costing the taxpayer millions. Secret filming reveals how shady education agents are recruiting bogus students to private colleges so they can claim loans they are not entitled to. Reporter Richard Watson finds agents prepared to supply fraudulent qualifications, offer coursework for sale and fake attendance. It comes at a time when student debt has soared to one hundred billion pounds.

Season 65 - Episode 43

Britain's Offshore Secrets Exposed

Current affairs programme featuring interviews and investigative reports. Richard Bilton explores the secrets of Britain's offshore empire.

Season 65 - Episode 42

Offshore Secrets of the Rich Exposed

A special edition investigating a huge new leak of data that reveals how the wealthy and powerful invest offshore.

Season 65 - Episode 41

Out of Jail: Free to Offend Again?

An investigation into the government's reforms of the probation service, which many critics say are putting the public at risk as well as failing offenders themselves. Reporter Daniel Foggo meets two women whose sons were murdered by offenders on probation following the reforms, which saw part of the service privatised. They believe that failures in supervision contributed to their sons' deaths. The programme also reveals evidence that offenders being supervised by one private company have missed thousands of appointments and no action was taken.

Season 65 - Episode 40

Life at 100

There are around 14,500 centenarians in the UK, a number predicted to double every ten years. One in every three babies born now is likely to live to be at least 100. Presented by Joan Bakewell, this Panorama Special follows seven people who have reached 100 years or more. Many are still alert and active, like 105-year-old Diana Gould, who exercises every day. Actor Earl Cameron's last part was at 97 in Inception with Leonardo DiCaprio. He is ready if his agent calls. Others are acutely lonely, like George Emmerson, an amateur painter and former tax officer, now living alone after his wife of 68 years died. But like many, he values his independence and still wants to live at home. Almost all need help and care from the government, the NHS, local authorities and families. But are they all prepared for life at a hundred?

Season 65 - Episode 39

How Safe is Your Operation?

Jailed surgeon Ian Paterson profited from hundreds of unnecessary operations, but do his crimes reveal wider failings in Britain's private healthcare? Reporter Darragh MacIntyre investigates whether some private hospitals - and those working within them - have put profit before patients. With thousands of NHS patients now being sent to private hospitals for their operations, he uncovers disturbing evidence about safety standards and patient care in parts of the private sector.

Season 65 - Episode 38

Hate on the Street

On the eve of Hate Crime Awareness Week, Panorama investigates what is happening on the country's streets. With exclusive access to the government's new crime figures, the programme reveals that race andreligious hate crime is at its highest since current records began in 2008. Reporter Livvy Haydock travels the country meeting victims and perpetrators to discover what is causing the rise in these hate-driven crimes. Official figures have already revealed a significant spike in hate crime immediately after the EU referendum. Now, a year on, Livvy discovers that hate crimes have remained higher than their pre-referendum average. Livvy meets young victims who still bear the physical and emotional scars of attacks and say they had never experienced race hate on this scale before the vote. But she also hears from residents in areas with a high number of reported race hate crimes who say that the race card is being played too easily and that Brexit is being blamed for wider social problems in their community.

Season 65 - Episode 37

When Kids Abuse Kids

Panorama investigates a hidden world of child sexual abuse, one in which children sexually assault other children. It's often referred to as 'peer-on-peer' abuse and can happen in classrooms and even in theplaygrounds of primary schools. In this part-animated film, children, interviewed anonymously to protect their identities, talk candidly about the abuse they have experienced and describe how they felt let down when they tried to report it. The programme also speaks to some parents who say they struggled to get help from schools, social services and the police. Using freedom of information requests, the programme reveals an increase in sexual offences carried out by under-18s on other children and a dramatic rise in sexual assaults committed by children even on school premises.

Season 65 - Episode 36

North Korea's Nuclear Trump Card

Trump versus Kim - it is the most chilling nuclear stand-off for decades. No longer is the world asking whether North Korea can be stopped from developing nuclear weapons but instead whether it can be stopped from using them. As the two leaders trade threats, reporter Jane Corbin investigates how North Korea has dodged sanctions and thwarted international efforts to stop it becoming a nuclear power. She also asks how the two leaders can move back from the brink and how likely it is this could all end in nuclear war.

Season 65 - Episode 35

Germany's New Nazis

Violent right-wing extremism in Germany has surged to its highest level since the downfall of the Third Reich, with a record number of attacks against asylum seekers and their supporters. Panorama has spent sixmonths in Freital, a small town at the heart of the new wave of far-right terror. As Germany goes to the polls, this film hears how long-held taboos are being broken in a country still haunted by its Nazi legacy and far-right views are becoming mainstream once more. Across the world, far-right extremists have been on the march, from Charlottesville in the United States to the suburbs of Paris and the streets of Manchester. But how worried should we be by the rise of the far right in Europe's most powerful country?

Season 65 - Episode 34

Africa's Billion Pound Migrant Trail

Panorama investigates the African migrant trade and reveals the extraordinary scale of people-smuggling across sub-Saharan Africa - a multibillion-pound industry described by some as a new 'slave trade'. As theEU desperately tries to cut the number of migrants crossing the Mediterranean, reporter Benjamin Zand investigates how hundreds of millions of euros of EU funding is being spent and asks if EU efforts to tackle the smugglers could be leaving some migrants in an ever more dangerous limbo.

Season 65 - Episode 33

Why Mum Died: Britain's Sepsis Crisis

Is the health service facing up to a medical emergency that now kills more than any cancers and heart attacks? When Alistair Jackson's elderly mother died suddenly in her local hospital, he was told she had received the best care possible. It took him two years to uncover how the tell-tale signs of suspected sepsis were missed and how potentially life-saving antibiotics weren't administered for hours. After getting to the truth, he meets the families of some of the estimated 14,000 people whose deaths might have been prevented with better treatment and hears from the health professionals trying to tackle Britain's 'silent killer'. The film reveals how under-reporting of sepsis cases means the crisis is likely to be far deeper than thought. With exclusive access to NHS figures he discovers that despite high-profile improvement campaigns, people's chances of getting the best care can still depend on where they live - and goes back to his mother's hospital to ask if anything there has changed.

Season 65 - Episode 32

Undercover: Britain's Immigration Secrets

On the front line of the fight to control immigration, BBC Panorama goes undercover in an Immigration Removal Centre and reveals chaos, incompetence and abuse. The centre is a staging post for detainees who face deportation from the UK. It is a toxic mix, and detainees who have overstayed visas or are seeking asylum can share rooms with foreign national criminals who have finished prison sentences. Some have been held in the privately run centre for many months, even years. The covert footage, recorded by a detainee custody officer, reveals widespread self-harm and attempted suicides in a centre where drugs, particularly the synthetic cannabis substitute spice, are rife. Many officers do their best to control the chaos, but some are recorded mocking, abusing and even assaulting detainees.

Season 65 - Episode 31

Plane Drunk

Panorama investigates the growing numbers of British passengers flying drunk. Tina Daheley uncovers shocking footage filmed by passengers and meets whistleblowers from the airline industry who reveal just how badly our journeys are being disrupted. With exclusive new figures showing a rise in drink-related incidents and arrests, Tina asks how some airlines are fighting the problem and meets the Majorcan official sick of Brits arriving on her island already drunk. Campaigners are pushing for new licensing laws, but with alcohol sales a key source of revenue for many airport retailers, is profit taking precedence over passenger convenience and safety?

Season 65 - Episode 30

Trouble at the RSPCA

The RSPCA, which has been rescuing and protecting animals for almost 200 years, is one of the best-loved charities in England and Wales. Last year it secured nearly 1,500 convictions for animal welfare offences. Now Panorama's John Sweeney - and his dog Bertie - meet people who accuse the RSPCA of being heavy-handed by prosecuting them and taking away their animals when help or advice would have been more appropriate. He also asks why an RSPCA branch rehomed dogs imported from Europe. Following the RSPCA chief executive's sudden resignation in June, John investigates what's going on at the top of the charity and meets former senior insiders who have concerns about the charity's governing council.

Season 65 - Episode 29

A Prescription for Murder?

Is it possible that a pill prescribed by your doctor can turn you into a killer? Over 40 million prescriptions for SSRI antidepressants were handed out by doctors last year in the UK. Panorama reveals the devastating side effects on a tiny minority that can lead to psychosis, violence, murder and possibly even mass murder. With exclusive access to psychiatric reports, court footage and drug company data, reporter Shelley Jofre investigates the mass killings at the 2012 midnight premiere of a Batman movie in Aurora, Colorado. A 24-year-old PhD student James Holmes, who had no record of violence or gun ownership, murdered 12 and injured 70. Did the SSRI antidepressant he had been prescribed play a part in the killings? Panorama has uncovered other cases of murder and extreme violence which could be linked to psychosis developed after the taking of SSRIs, including a father who strangled his 11-year-old son. Panorama asks if enough is known about this rare side effect.

Season 65 - Episode 28

Men, Boys and Eating Disorders

Eating disorders have the highest death rate of any mental health illness and are estimated to affect 1.6 million people in the UK. Around 400,000 of these are thought to be men and boys, including international rugby referee Nigel Owens. Nigel meets men, boys and their families across the UK to hear their moving accounts of the devastating impact of anorexia and bulimia, as he sets out to investigate the reasons behind why more people are being diagnosed. In this deeply personal film, Nigel also opens up in detail about his own eating disorder for the first time as he confronts a dark truth about his battle with bulimia.

Season 65 - Episode 27

Trump's Fortress America

Donald Trump fought the US presidential election with a promise to send millions of illegal immigrants back to Mexico. While the world focuses on his troubles in Washington, Panorama investigates how behind the scenes Trump is putting his controversial deportation plans into action. Reporter Hilary Andersson meets families split by immigration arrests and children of detained parents left to fend for themselves. It has been claimed that Trump's policies are dividing America. The programme hears from those who support the deportations and films with police in Arizona as they hunt down illegal immigrants at night.

Season 65 - Episode 26

Britain's Food and Farming: The Brexit Effect

Brexit marks a seismic shift for the UK's food and farming industry, but what will it mean for the consumer? The EU affects the whole food chain from field to fork. It dictates what farmers are allowed to grow, sets animal welfare standards and offers a large supply of cheap labour to work in the fields and processing plants. Panorama's Tom Heap talks to insiders who claim Brexit will mean higher prices, lower quality and less choice on the shelves. Others claim it is a fantastic opportunity to address inefficiency and design a new mode of food production for the next generation. The programme also travels to the USA, where farming is run on an industrial scale. Will UK consumers back British farmers or switch to potentially cheaper imports of hormone-filled meat from abroad?

Season 65 - Episode 25

Cadet Abuse Cover-Up

As one of Britain's largest youth groups, the cadet forces are responsible for nearly 130,000 children in more than 3,000 clubs across the country. However, not all members have positive memories of their time within the ranks. They are victims of sexual abuse by their cadet instructors, and this abuse could have been stopped but wasn't. This investigation shines a light on a culture of cover-up across the UK which allowed abuse to continue. Reporter Katie Razzall reveals the deeply troubling evidence with serious questions now facing the government organisation in overall charge - the Ministry of Defence.

Season 65 - Episode 24

London Tower Fire: Britain's Shame

The fire that is believed to have started on the fourth floor of Grenfell Tower engulfed almost the entire 24-storey building at shocking speed. Firefighters battling the inferno say they have never seen anything like it before. Why were the fears of residents about fire safety apparently ignored and why did the flames rip so quickly through their council tower block? Richard Bilton investigates what happened that terrible night, as well as the grief and anger surrounding one of Britain's worst fire disasters in living memory, which occurred in one of its richest boroughs.

Season 65 - Episode 23

Election 2017: What Just Happened?

Theresa May's election gamble has resulted in a catastrophic outcome for the Conservatives, whilst Jeremy Corbyn has defied many expectations. Following the election that's changed the face of British politics, Nick Robinson asks how and why it happened.

Season 65 - Episode 22

Back to the Falklands: Brothers in Arms

In 1982 Argentina invaded the Falkland Islands, and a task force of over 100 vessels and 26,000 men and women sailed 8,000 miles from Britain to defend the islands. In a short but brutal war lasting three weeks, hundreds died on both sides, the Argentinians were defeated, and the islands were reclaimed. But what happened after the parades were finished and the flags were put away? In this moving film, Panorama uses animation drawn by a Falklands War veteran to explore how the trauma of fighting a war can continue to affect soldiers even decades later. The film follows a group of Welsh Guards whose lives were shaped by their Falklands experience as they return for the first time to the islands to confront their demons.

Season 65 - Episode 21

Manchester Attack: Terror at the Arena

One week on from the atrocity at the Manchester Arena, Tina Daheley reports on the attack targeted on the audience of thousands of young and teenage girls as they left a pop concert. She hears from concert attenders and parents, and investigates the community context and the extremist Islamist links behind the mass murder committed by the suspected suicide bomber, a 22-year-old man born of Libyan parents in the city.

Season 65 - Episode 20

Inside the Litter Police

Panorama goes undercover inside Britain's litter police and reveals some of the methods behind the soaring litter fines - over 140,000 were handed out in 2015-2016. The programme hears from people who have been stung with fines for offences like pouring coffee down the drain, dropping tiny pieces of orange peel and even leaving out their weekly rubbish. The undercover reporter goes inside one leading private enforcement company, with over 50 council contracts, to capture the litter police in action and reveals the bonus system used to reward enforcement officers for the number of tickets they issue.

Season 65 - Episode 19

Contaminated Blood: The Search for the Truth

It has been called the worst treatment disaster in the history of the NHS. More than 2,000 people died and thousands more were infected with HIV and Hepatitis C after being treated with contaminated blood products. All the victims were infected over 25 years ago, but even now new cases are still being diagnosed. Survivors and their families are trying once more to persuade the government to hold a UK public inquiry. Panorama examines recently released documents, and asks if the government could have done more to save lives. The film hears the heartbreaking testimony of some of the victims and their families and explores the dilemmas of doctors who had to carry on treating their patients through the unfolding crisis.

Season 65 - Episode 18

What Facebook Knows About You

Facebook is thought to know more about us than any other business in history, but what does the social network that Mark Zuckerberg built do with all of our personal information?

Season 65 - Episode 17

Madeleine McCann: 10 Years On

Madeleine McCann is the world's most famous missing person. Her disappearance ten years ago has been investigated by police forces in two different countries, but they came up with contradictory conclusions. So what really happened to Madeleine in the Portuguese resort of Praia da Luz? Reporter Richard Bilton, who has covered the story for the BBC since the first days, examines the evidence and tracks down the men British police have questioned about the case.

Season 65 - Episode 16

Trump's First 100 Days

We're getting used to seeing a new Trump headline every day - or even several times a day. But we're all still clueless about what to expect next. A missile strike on Syria from an avowed America first president? As the unpredictable president approaches his milestone hundredth day in office, Jeremy Paxman crosses the US for a wry and searching examination of the whirlwind past three months. He'll attempt to make sense of the Trump agenda - and ask if it even makes sense to the man himself. Jeremy digs into the stories behind Trump's most controversial policies - visiting the home of North America's largest mosque to hear Arab-American experiences of the travel ban, and a north California migrant law centre that's working double-time. Amid the derelict factories of Detroit, he considers Trump's claims to be restoring America's economic fortunes. In Washington DC, Jeremy unpicks the phenomenon of fake news, and the consequences of Trump's self-declared 'war' on Washington itself. Grassroots critics and diehard cheerleaders tell us why they believe America will never be the same again. And senior figures from across the political divide - from Democrat deputy Senate leader Dick Durbin, Trump ally Ted Malloch, and former secretary of labour Robert Reich - share personal insights into Trump's White House and its new master. Jeremy asks what America - and the world - will look like after four years of Trump, and wonders if America's unlikely president might even have his sights set on four more.

Season 65 - Episode 15

The Spy in the IRA

In the murky world of British intelligence during the Northern Ireland conflict, one agent's life appears to have mattered more than others. Codenamed Stakeknife, Freddie Scappaticci rose through the ranks of the IRA to run their internal security unit. He was the IRA's chief spy catcher, in charge of rooting out those suspected of collaborating with the British. But all the time he was in fact working for the British intelligence services. Panorama reveals that a classified report links Scappatici to at least 18 murders. Some of these victims were themselves agents and informers. Scappaticci, the intelligence agencies who tasked him and the IRA to whom he also answered are the subject of a criminal enquiry. Panorama discloses how he kept his cover by having the blood of other agents on his hands, how the intelligence agencies appeared to tolerate this and why he has been protected for so long.

Season 65 - Episode 14

The Big Bank Fix

Following the acquittal of two former Barclay's traders, Panorama asks if the right people are being blamed for what has been called the biggest financial fix of all time. Piecing together explosive new evidence, which calls into question the safety of other convictions, Panorama reporter Andy Verity reveals that manipulation of the world's most important interest rate, Libor, was allowed and even ordered by people at the highest levels of the financial establishment.

Season 65 - Episode 13

The Benefits Cap: Is it Working?

How far should we go to force unemployed people back into work? Tens of thousands of families on benefits have had their payments cut as part of a radical government policy. Out-of-work benefits used to be assessed on need, but now payments in most of the country are capped at £20,000 a year. Panorama follows parents who have lost hundreds of pounds a month and are struggling to keep their homes - knowing that to escape the benefit cap they will have to find a job.

Season 65 - Episode 12

Marine Le Pen: Who's Funding France's Far Right?

France votes for a new president in a few weeks, and far right candidate Marine Le Pen has her sights set on victory. She is trying to detoxify her party to distance herself from its racist and anti-Semitic past. However, Gabriel Gatehouse explores how the Front National's desperate need for money could be undermining this process. He meets fixers and insiders who have helped Marine Le Pen run her campaign and raise money from some controversial sources around the world.

Season 65 - Episode 11

Westminster Terror Attack

Last week, the UK Parliament came under attack in the most serious terror incident in the country for over a decade. Speaking to witnesses and the injured, BBC Panorama pieces together what happened during the attack that left five people, including the attacker, dead and many more injured. The programme also looks into the life of Khalid Masood to ask what motivated him to carry out this fatal terror attack in the heart of London.

Season 65 - Episode 10

Britain's Home-Care Crisis

As hospitals struggle to cope with growing numbers of older patients, Panorama investigates the challenges facing those on the front line of a social care system buckling under the strain, and reveals a nationwide shortage of home-care workers. Filming in North Wales and Liverpool, reporter Sian Lloyd meets domiciliary care company owners struggling to recruit carers because they can't afford to pay them enough, whilst others are handing back council contracts because they can't make the numbers work. At the heart of this crisis are the people waiting for care - many of them in NHS beds, fit to go home, but unable to be discharged until a home-care package can be found.

Season 65 - Episode 9

Marine A: The Inside Story

Three years ago Alexander Blackman, better known as Marine A, became the first serving British soldier to be convicted of murder since the Second World War for the killing of a badly injured Taliban insurgent on the battlefield. He has now had his murder conviction reduced to manslaughter. Panorama re-examines the case to find out what really happened on that fateful day, six years ago. Film-maker and anthropologist Chris Terrill has been following the case since the beginning, including meeting Blackman a number of times in prison. Chris has spent many years working with the Royal Marines and was embedded with Blackman's unit at the time the incident occurred in Afghanistan. He has tracked down some of the men who were with Blackman that day and they speak for the first time about the six-month tour that proceeded the killing and reveal disturbing new insights about the day itself. Questions are raised about whether there were other pressures on Blackman to act. Using material Chris shot in Afghanistan when embedded with Blackman's unit, the film provides a stark sense of what it was like to be stationed in a 'kill or be killed' outpost set in what was then described as 'the most dangerous square mile in the world'. The new evidence is presented for the first time and raises concerns about the way our soldiers fight wars and apply ethics on the battlefield. The outcome of the Marine A case could well shape the way we fight our wars in the future.

Season 65 - Episode 8

Sleepless Britain

Britain's kids are going to bed later and sleeping less, and hospital visits triggered by poor sleep have tripled in ten years. This is playing havoc with children's health and education and causing obesity, problems for parents and teachers, and even family breakdowns. In this film, reporter Jenny Kleeman finds that children's rocketing use of technology coupled with more lax modern parenting is creating an epidemic of poor sleep. Jenny visits a sleep charity in Doncaster that gets up to 200 emails a day from desperate parents. She meets Jayne, mum to a toddler who takes up to four hours to go to sleep, and follows them as they trial a firmer bedtime routine. At Honley High School in Yorkshire, Jenny investigates how poor sleep is affecting pupils' concentration and behaviour in class. Jenny also visits the sleep lab at Sheffield Children's Hospital, which has seen a tenfold increase in referrals in the last decade.

Season 65 - Episode 7

Life in Immigration Town

What happens when a community is changed by immigration? Slough has gone from a majority white British town to a place where they are the minority. Ten years ago, Panorama's Richard Bilton reported on how Slough was struggling to cope with its migrant population. Now he's back. He finds a town with a booming economy and new families arriving every day. But there is a darker side. White British people are abandoning Slough, and some foreign workers say the dream is over.

Season 65 - Episode 6

Behind Bars: Prison Undercover

An undercover investigation reveals the reality of life behind bars in Britain's crisis-hit prison system. Footage recorded by a reporter also working as an officer at a Category C adult prison shows how inmates are effectively running the prison, with many of them off their heads on drugs and drink. It also reveals how prison officers don't feel able to maintain control and how they are at risk themselves. The programme also finds little evidence of rehabilitation or change, where some weak prisoners suffer, career criminals profit while jailed, drug addicts simply change which drugs they smoke, and the prisoners who could change their ways are being ignored. It comes as the government faces repeated warnings about the crisis inside Britain's prisons. There have been up to four riots in the last three and a half months, 354 deaths in prison last year and 6,430 assaults on staff in the year to September 2016.

Season 65 - Episode 5

Revealed: Britain's Mental Health Crisis

One month after prime minister Theresa May promised to 'transform the way we deal with mental health problems right across society', reporter Sophie Hutchinson investigates the troubled state of NHS mental health services. She hears the concerns of staff and patients at the first mental health trust in England to be placed in special measures, and learns of the deteriorating national picture for mental health care funding, exclusively revealing new figures that show a shocking increase in unexpected deaths of mental health patients.

Season 65 - Episode 4

The Mystery of the Unknown Man

The police and social services were baffled when an elderly man with an American accent was found lost on the streets of Hereford. He didn't know who he was or have any ID, and he was dressed from head to toe in brand new clothes from Tesco. He was in a nursing home before Panorama took up his case. Reporter Darragh Macintyre follows the clues to America and unravels the mystery of the unknown man - before confronting the person responsible for bringing him to Britain.

Season 65 - Episode 3

The Battle Against Legal Highs

The drugs that were known as legal highs have become a global phenomenon. They have exploded in popularity in the UK, and deaths from these chemical compounds, designed to mimic illegal drugs like cocaine and cannabis, have tripled here in recent years. In May 2016, the government acted by banning these drugs with the introduction of the Psychoactive Substances Act. The north east of England is one of the worst-hit areas for drug addiction. Panorama spent six months in Newcastle to see how the city is tackling the problem and asks whether the new law is working.

Season 65 - Episode 2

Trump: The Kremlin Candidate?

On the eve of the new president's inauguration, Panorama investigates Donald Trump's strange bromance with Vladimir Putin. John Sweeney - who has confronted both men in the past - travels to Russia, the United States and the battlefields in Ukraine to report on what's behind their mutual admiration. He investigates whether Russian cyber-warriors helped get Donald Trump into the White House and asks how safe the world will be if they stay friends - or if the bromance falls apart.

Season 65 - Episode 1

Terror on the Beach: Why Did It Happen?

Panorama returns to the scene of the killing of 30 British tourists by a gunman on the beach at Sousse in June 2015. Reporter Jane Corbin investigates whether security concerns were ignored before the attack and if lives could have been saved on the day. She asks why there wasn't tighter security or a warning to holidaymakers to stay away from Tunisia after similar attacks. And should the Tunisian government, the British tour operators and the Foreign Office bear any responsibility for what happened?

Season 64 - Episode 41

John Simpson: 50 Years on the Frontline

John Simpson, one of the BBC's best-known foreign correspondents, has been at the heart of breaking news for more than half a century. A frontline witness of history, the World Affairs editor has dodged bullets and cheated death from Iraq to Afghanistan. In a highly personal Panorama, John looks back over his 50-year career, revisiting the people and places that have impacted on him most, as he reveals his thoughts on the challenges for the future.

Season 64 - Episode 40

The Changing Face of Terror

With their stronghold of Mosul under fierce attack and Raqqa next in the frame, IS has intensified its global propaganda offensive, calling for more lone jihadis - 'lone wolves' - to slaughter civilians using knives and trucks 'plunged at high speed into a large gathering of unbelievers'. IS in Syria now direct attacks, giving lone wolves targets and instructions via encrypted apps that leave intelligence agencies in the dark. In this film for Panorama, reporter Peter Taylor investigates the escalation of this global phenomenon. He travels to the US to talk to the deputy director of the FBI and goes on patrol with the NYPD. He asks what the UK government can do to prevent radicalisation of young people and talks to Britain's most senior anti-terror police officer about what authorities here are doing to protect us in the face of this growing threat.

Season 64 - Episode 39

Inside Britain's Fertility Business

Fertility treatment can be an expensive business. Reporter Deborah Cohen investigates how some clinics sell add-ons - the extra drugs, tests and treatments offered on top of standard fertility care. Some can add hundreds or thousands of pounds to a bill. Exclusive new research shows a worrying lack of good evidence from trials to show these can improve the chances of having a baby. Panorama goes undercover to reveal how patients aren't always told everything they need to know when they ask some clinics about these treatments.

Season 64 - Episode 38

Nursing Homes Undercover

Panorama goes undercover in two nursing homes and finds evidence of cruelty and neglect. Reporter Janice Finch booked into the homes as a resident and witnessed staff rushed off their feet, leaving the privacy and dignity of some fellow residents often ignored. The company, which has a chain of homes in Cornwall, earns millions from NHS and local authority placements and has already been told to make improvements. An emergency safeguarding plan is now in place after the programme makers raised their concerns with the Care Quality Commission and other agencies.

Season 64 - Episode 37

Trump's New America

America's 2016 election season has been the most bitter and ugly in living memory. Hilary Andersson meets angry Americans on both sides of the electoral race who feel disillusioned and disenfranchised by the electoral process. Panorama asks, can America's new president quell the voices of radicalism and unite America again?

Season 64 - Episode 36

The Trouble With Our Trains

An investigation into the disconnect between the claims of the government and rail industry - which maintain that Britain's railways are a success - and the experience of many passengers who feel train services are unreliable, overcrowded and cost far too much money. What will it take to close that gap?

Season 64 - Episode 35

How Rolls-Royce Bribed Its Way Around the World

Rolls-Royce has grown dramatically in the past 20 years and has won business in some of the most corrupt countries on the planet. But has some of the company's spectacular success been built on bribery? Reporter Richard Bilton investigates the secret network of shady middlemen who helped sell Rolls-Royce products overseas, and he uncovers evidence that suggests Britain's most prestigious company has bribed its way around the world.

Season 64 - Episode 34

Undercover: The Refugees Who Make Our Clothes

Panorama goes undercover to find the sweatshops making clothes for the British high street. Tens of thousands of Syrian refugees and children are working illegally in the Turkish garment industry. They are often paid very little, work in harsh conditions and have no rights. Reporter Darragh MacIntyre discovers refugees and their children working in the supply chains of some of the best-known brands.

Season 64 - Episode 33

Paxman on Trump v Clinton: Divided America

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are two of the most hated and distrusted presidential candidates ever. As the election approaches, Jeremy Paxman travels to Washington and beyond to understand how America's great democracy has come to face such an unpopular choice. From a life-size naked effigy of Donald Trump, to the stage of Avenue Q and the corridors of power, Jeremy meets political insiders and voters on both sides of the gaping political divide, and casts his unsparing eye over a nation preparing for a historic election.

Season 64 - Episode 32

BHS: How Did it Happen?

The way in which millions of pounds were made out of BHS has been branded the 'unacceptable face of capitalism'. 11,000 people lost their jobs as a black hole opened up in the pension fund. Panorama investigates the multimillion-pound deals and cut-throat business practices that made former owner Sir Philip Green and his family very rich while the retailer fell on hard times.

Season 64 - Episode 31

Diabetes The Hidden Killer

Britain is in the grip of a health epidemic that's threatening to overwhelm the NHS. More and more of us are being diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. It's a hidden killer which can lead to heart failure, blindness, kidney disease and leg amputations. Now even children are being diagnosed with the condition. Filming over six months, Panorama reports from the frontline of the epidemic - in Birmingham, where almost one in ten people has the disease. In this film, type 1 diabetes was referred to as 'the sort you're born with'. We acknowledge this is not medically accurate. Type 1 often develops in childhood to genetically predisposed individuals, but it can develop at any age, resulting from immune mediated injury to the pancreas.

Season 64 - Episode 30

Aleppo: Life Under Siege

The battle for Aleppo, Syria's largest city and once home to over two million people, is in its fourth year. Divided between opposition-held east and government-controlled west, ordinary civilians are suffering on both sides. The east has been relentlessly bombed by the Russian military-backed forces of President Bashar al-Assad, and for the last month five citizen journalists in East Aleppo, commissioned by Panorama, have been documenting life under siege. The film is an intimate portrait of ordinary people struggling to stay alive, including a civil-defence volunteer who risks death to save his fellow citizens. The film goes behind the headlines into the backstreets of East Aleppo to show the horror, chaos and fear of the daily bombings, but also the surprising humanity, resilience and hope of the people who remain.

Season 64 - Episode 29

Labour: Is the Party Over?

With the Labour leadership election less than a week away, BBC deputy political editor John Pienaar asks if Labour is on the brink of self-destruction. Panorama spent the summer in Brighton, on the frontline for the battle for the soul of Labour, where local activists slog it out for control of the party. In one corner, Momentum fights off ugly allegations of bullying, anti-Semitism and hard-left entryism. In the other, the party's 'moderates' fear election annihilation and deselection. The programme follows both sides through the ups and downs of the campaign and finds neither side in the mood for compromise.

Season 64 - Episode 28

Why are Gambling Machines Addictive?

Wendy Bendel's partner killed himself after struggling with a 20-year gambling addiction. In a confession he wrote for Wendy, he singled out the high-stakes, high-frequency fixed-odds betting terminals (FOBTs) found in bookmakers across the UK. Wendy embarks on a journey to find out what it is about the design of the machines that makes them so addictive and sees evidence that they can affect the brains of long-term gamblers. She discovers the billions they generate has divided the industry, with former insiders now accusing the bookies of putting profits before people.

Season 64 - Episode 27

Sellafield's Nuclear Safety Failings

A special investigation into the shocking state of Britain's most hazardous nuclear site. With a high-level whistleblower, hundreds of leaked documents and exclusive access to former senior managers, reporter Richard Bilton uncovers the truth about Sellafield. He finds an ageing and run-down plant, where nuclear waste is stored in dangerous conditions and insiders fear a serious accident.

Season 64 - Episode 26

Living with Cuts: Austerity Town

With the new prime minister facing tough decisions on government spending cuts, Panorama reporter Richard Bilton investigates the impact of six years of austerity measures on his home town, Selby in North Yorkshire. Services are still being cut and many people are being asked to make do with less, so can a new army of volunteers bridge the gaps?

Season 64 - Episode 25

Inside North Korea

BBC reporter Rupert Wingfield-Hayes was expelled from North Korea for showing disrespect and `distorting facts'. He now tells the full story of his visit to the country and explores what his detention and interrogation by senior Korean officials say about this secretive state. He investigates the apparent upturn in the North Korean economy and asks if the signs of improvement in the capital Pyongyang are real.

Season 64 - Episode 24

Britain's Missing Young People

Hundreds of young people go missing in Britain every day. The police admit that vulnerable youngsters are being left at risk but say they are simply overwhelmed by the number of missing people. Reporter Darragh MacIntyre meets the families searching for clues and the parents who have been waiting years for news about their children.

Season 64 - Episode 23

Trump's Angry America

With Donald Trump poised to become the official Republican candidate for America's presidency, Panorama visits the racially divided town of Bakersfield in California. Reporter Hilary Andersson meets the Trump supporters who back his calls to oust 11 million illegal immigrants and ban Muslims from travelling to America. She talks to those who fear what a Trump White House would mean for them and asks why America is so angry.

Season 64 - Episode 22

Pension Rip Offs Exposed

Panorama goes undercover to expose how the Government's latest pension freedoms are being abused by some companies to get their hands on people's retirement pots. Reporter Fiona Phillips discovers how the offer of a simple pension review can lead to financial ruin. She meets victims whose retirement plans have been destroyed, hears from experts about how to spot the warning signs and watches one scam unfolding from beginning to end.

Season 64 - Episode 21

Why We Voted to Leave: Britain Speaks

Adrian Chiles goes home to the West Midlands to meet Leave voters from both sides of the political divide and find out why Britain voted for Brexit. He discovers an unlikely alliance of young and old, wealthy and non-wealthy, white and non-white, who all share a belief that their views have not so far been listened to by mainstream politicians. Adrian learns about their lives and their concerns about immigration, jobs and feeling excluded from the benefits of an increasingly globalised world. He also meets Remain voters who blame the Breixters for pushing Britain into crisis. As the nation reels from the fallout of the Referendum result, Adrian's journey across the region shows just how divided Britain has become.

Season 64 - Episode 20

Iraq: The Final Judgement

As the country awaits next week's verdict from the long-delayed Iraq Inquiry into why we went to war and what the lessons should be, Jane Corbin returns to southern Iraq. With her are parents who lost a son, a soldier, there and the general who led British troops into battle. Why did it all go so wrong?

Season 64 - Episode 19

The Orlando Nightclub Massacre

It's America's worst nightmare: an armed gunman on the rampage. But what is it like to be caught up in the carnage of a mass shooting? Panorama tells the story of the Orlando massacre from the people who were there.

Season 64 - Episode 18

Seb Coe and the Corruption Scandal

In his first year as president of world athletics, Lord Coe has had to deal with the fallout from the biggest corruption scandal the sport has ever seen. Mark Daly investigates what Lord Coe knew about the scandal and when, and also uncovers links between the IAAF president and the man at the centre of the corruption.

Season 64 - Episode 17

Medicine's Big Breakthrough: Editing Your Genes

Panorama looks at the breakthrough that could change the lives of everyone and everything on the planet. Gene editing is revolutionising medical research and could deliver new treatments - even cures for a host of diseases. It also gives scientists control over evolution, allowing genetic changes to be forced through species. But some are worried about letting the gene genie out of the bottle.

Season 64 - Episode 16

Living with Dementia: Chris's Story

In a powerful, multi-textured documentary filmed over almost two years, one family living with dementia reveals what life is really like behind closed doors. Using CCTV cameras, video diaries and a small, immersive film crew, the programme follows 55-year-old Chris Roberts from north Wales as he, his wife Jayne and his youngest daughter Kate come to terms with his Alzheimer's diagnosis. From making the decision to choose his own care home to writing a living will, getting lost in his own house and not recognising his family, Chris chronicles his changing life as his independence slips away. Once a businessman and a keen biker, he now struggles to walk and talk - his life is beset by frustration, yet his remarkable insight allows us into his world.

Season 64 - Episode 15

Antibiotic Crisis

Growing resistance to commonly prescribed antibiotics is one of the biggest public health threats of modern times, with the potential to cause 80,000 deaths in the UK over the next 20 years. Experts say the use of a range of NHS 'last-resort' antibiotics in farming is risking the lives of future patients. Tom Heap asks if the commercial pressure to produce cheap meat and poultry is fuelling the rise of superbugs and meets the patients for whom the drugs have already stopped working.

Season 64 - Episode 14

Britain's Puppy Dealers Exposed

Panorama investigates the ruthless world of the dog trade. Using secret filming, reporter Sam Poling tracks the supply chain of the country's favourite pet, and uncovers some shocking truths about where and how these animals are being bred.

Season 64 - Episode 13

Is Steel Worth Saving?

As the UK steel industry fights for its survival, John Humphrys is in Port Talbot in South Wales to investigate whether it has a future and asks if taxpayers' money should be used to shore it up in the hope that better times will return.

Season 64 - Episode 12

I'm Broken Inside: Sara's Story

Sara Green was a teenager betrayed by a mental health system designed to protect her. Using Sara's own words taken from her diary, Panorama reveals the failings of a Priory hospital where she was an inpatient and where she took her own life in a misjudged cry for help. Peter Marshall asks what lessons can be drawn from Sara's story and what can be done to fix the country's broken child and adolescent mental health system.

Season 64 - Episode 11

Tax Havens of the Rich and Powerful Exposed

The rich and powerful have hidden billions of dollars in tax havens. They thought their financial secrets were safe, but now a huge leak of documents has revealed a world of secrecy, lies and crimes. Reporter Richard Bilton exposes tax avoiders, criminals and world leaders who have been hiding their money and their secrets offshore.

Season 64 - Episode 10

Too Poor to Stay Warm

Sixteen years ago, the government promised to protect people from the cold. It vowed to end fuel poverty by 2016, but the deadline has passed and millions of people still can't afford to keep their homes warm. Reporter Datshiane Navanayagam joins some of those struggling this winter and asks why thousands still die each year simply because their homes are too cold.

Season 64 - Episode 9

Inside Europe's Terror Attacks

Examining how the so-called Islamic State's terror network has been operating secretly in Europe, and Western intelligence agencies' battle to stop it, from highly organised cells, like the one that killed 130 people in Paris, to lone attackers within communities.

Season 64 - Episode 8

Shaken Babies: What's the Truth?

The episode will explore the truth behind shaken babies. Parents will face jail or lose their children, if courts find them guilty of harming their children by shaking them. One doctor who regularly appears as an expert witness for the defence is now on trial accused by the General Medical Council of giving unreliable evidence in shaken baby cases. Alison Holt has access to the neuropathologist at the centre of a fight about the diagnosis of shaking. She will meet families where it has been proven they've shaken their children and where convicted parents continue to protest their innocence.

Season 64 - Episode 7

The Zika Baby Crisis

Panorama travels to Brazil to investigate the mystery of the Zika virus. The city of Recife is at the centre of an epidemic of cases of microcephaly - babies born with abnormally small heads who suffer from brain and limb deformities. Reporter Jane Corbin meets the families living with this tragedy and hears from doctors and scientists working to solve the riddle of the Zika virus and trying to eradicate the mosquito which carries it.

Season 64 - Episode 6

Cops, Criminals, Corruption: The Inside Story

Organised crime is the single biggest threat to the integrity of the police. With exclusive interviews and never-before-seen footage, Panorama has the inside story of how an organised crime syndicate arranged a hit on three police officers. Also speaking publicly for the first time are the law enforcement officials who tapped the phones of drug dealers, only to find themselves hearing corrupt police on the line. The programme reveals how Scotland Yard woke up to the extent of corruption and the extraordinary lengths that the criminals would go to in order to undermine the police's ability to catch them.

Season 64 - Episode 5

The Secret Letters of Pope John Paul II

Pope John Paul II ruled the Catholic Church for 27 years until 2005. He was one of the most influential figures of the twentieth century, revered by millions and made a saint in record time. Now reporter Edward Stourton can offer a new perspective on the emotional life of this very public figure.

Season 64 - Episode 4

Gangs, Guns and the Police

When a seven-year-old boy and his mother were targeted and shot on their doorstep, it became clear that a gang war in Salford had reached a shocking low. That came after the assassination of a mayoral candidate, as well as machete, grenade and chainsaw attacks. Panorama asks if the police have lost control of the streets and examines how a community can beat the cycle of guns and gangs.

Season 64 - Episode 3

Putin's Secret Riches

Vladimir Putin has been accused of corruption on a breathtaking scale. His critics say he's used his power to amass a secret fortune, so is the Russian president really one of the richest people in the world? Reporter Richard Bilton meets former Kremlin insiders who say they know how Putin's riches are hidden.

Season 64 - Episode 2

Can You Stop My Multiple Sclerosis?

100,000 people in the UK have multiple sclerosis - an incurable condition that can result in permanent disability. Panorama has exclusive access to patients pioneering a crossover cancer treatment that has enabled some MS sufferers with paralysis to regain their movement.

Season 64 - Episode 1

Teenage Prison Abuse Exposed

BBC Panorama goes undercover to expose harrowing evidence of children and young people being hurt and threatened by custody officers who are supposed to protect them. Secret filming at a privately run youth prison, paid more than £10m in 2015 by the government to provide high-quality education and to rehabilitate some of the most vulnerable youngsters in the prison system, reveals some officers mistreating their charges and many more tolerating the behaviour or even helping to cover it up.

Season 63 - Episode 1

The Battle for British Islam

As France tries to come to terms with the deaths of the 12 people murdered in the Islamist attack at the office of Charlie Hebdo magazine in Paris, Panorama investigates the battle for the hearts and minds of British Muslims. John Ware hears from Muslims facing an angry backlash for trying to promote a form of Islam which is in synch with British values. They believe that the way Islam has been practised here has more in common with extremist ideologies than some police officers, politicians or Muslim leaders have been prepared to admit.

Season 62 - Episode 1

I Want My Baby Back

John Sweeney investigates the secretive world of the family courts and asks whether some parents may have unfairly lost their children forever. The crucial evidence against them came from doctors, who said that tiny fractures on their babies' x-rays were evidence of abuse. But some experts now believe that lack of vitamin D or rickets might point to another cause for the fractures. One young mother has taken desperate measures after losing her daughter - she has gone on the run from the UK to have her second child abroad. But even this drastic step may not keep her out of the reach of social services

Season 61 - Episode 1

Immigration Undercover

More than half a million foreign migrants are estimated to be hiding from the authorities in the UK. Some are failed asylum seekers who live in graveyards and abandoned garages or 'disappear' within their own communities. They include bogus students planning to work illegally and others who have crossed the Channel hidden in the back of a lorry. Many of those without papers turn to a life of criminality involving drugs, violence and prostitution - and with money Panorama has discovered they can come and go on an illegal travel network which smuggles them OUT of the UK as well as in. Reporter Paul Kenyon goes undercover with this new type of smuggling gang - charging £1,500 a time - to help illegals out of the UK right under the nose of the British authorities.

Season 60 - Episode 1

Stephen Lawrence: Time For Justice

On verdict day of one of the most eagerly awaited trials in recent history, this Panorama Special on the Stephen Lawrence case reveals the untold story of the murder that changed Britain. For more than a year, reporter Mark Daly and the Panorama team have exclusively followed Stephen's mother Doreen Lawrence as her 18-year fight for justice for her murdered son neared its conclusion. This moving film charts the history of this iconic case through the eyes of a grieving mother, and reports the inside account of the trial of the two men accused of the black teenager's killing.

Season 59 - Episode 1

Too Much Too Young

Provocative clothing, raunchy dancing on prime-time TV, access to pornography - Panorama examines the growing concern about the sexualisation of children in the UK. Sophie Raworth, a mother of three, goes behind the headlines to discover what images young people are being exposed to, and asks what impact the sexualised world is having on our children. Is too much, too young, putting them at risk?

Season 58 - Episode 38

The Secrets of Scientology

Reporter John Sweeney's last investigation into the Church of Scientology resulted in an explosive confrontation with church officials. This time, in a Panorama Special, one of those officials has turned whistleblower to help him reveal the dark secrets of the church, which boasts Hollywood A-listers Tom Cruise and John Travolta among its devotees.

Season 58 - Episode 1

The MP and the Whistleblower

The series takes a look at Iris Robinson, the Member of Parliament at the centre of a current political storm.

Season 57 - Episode 1

Kids Behaving Badly

Whether it is 10-year-olds talking about who they have snogged or schoolgirls calling themselves sluts on their social-networking profile pages, it seems our kids can't get away from sex. But what happens when the banter and name-calling gets physical? Jeremy Vine reveals the problem of sexual bullying in our schools and hears from experts, parents and teachers - but most importantly from the kids themselves - on what we can do to tackle it.

Season 56 - Episode 1

One Click from Danger

An update to our film 'One Click from Danger' about internet paedophiles exploiting vulnerable youngsters online.

Season 55 - Episode 19

Scientology and Me

John Sweeney investigates the Church of Scientology and allegations made by former members and relatives of current members. However, during the course of his investigation he soon finds that he has become a target of the Church.

Season 55 - Episode 18

White Fright

A look at Blackburn and it's racial mix .

Season 55 - Episode 1

IVF Undercover

Police officers have made unannounced visits to two clinics run by Britain's most successful test-tube baby doctor.

Season 54 - Episode 26

Sex Crimes and the Vatican

Panorama investigates a secret Vatican document known as the "Crimen Sollicitationis", which established a guideline for handling allegations of child abuse, homosexuality and bestiality within the Catholic Church and was enforced for 20 years by Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger before he became the Pope.

Season 54 - Episode 1

Get a life

Panorama asks why British workers continue to work some of the longest hours in Europe. Many thought that new technologies would free us from the office but it seems they have simply blurred the lines between work and home.

Season 53 - Episode 1

Jazz Clubs

Season 52 - Episode 1

A Fight To The Death

Season 51 - Episode 1


Season 50 - Episode 1

MMR: Every Parent's Choice

Season 49 - Episode 32

Towards the Zero Hour

A special about the terror network

Season 49 - Episode 24

Clash of Cultures

Season 49 - Episode 1

The Accidental President

Season 48 - Episode 1


An investigation into Paramedics. Panorama uncovers evidence of poor training, lack of skills and chaotic organisation, which are costing thousands of lives every year.

Season 47 - Episode 1

In Stephen's Name

Report on Met Police Force's commitment to tackling racist crime.

Season 46 - Episode 1


Follow-up exposé of corrupt policemen.

Season 45 - Episode 1

Medicine's Missing Millions

The long-running debate over hospital closures.

Season 43 - Episode 1

Interview With Princess Diana

Diana, Princess of Wales, speaks openly for the first time about her separation from the Prince of Wales in a frank interview for the BBC's Panorama programme.

Season 40 - Episode 1

The Plutonium Business

Britain is about to become (1992) a major player in the trade in plutonium. The programme raises the question of whether there is any need to move enormous quantities of plutonium, which is both the most toxic substance known to man and the raw material for nuclear weapons, around the world. The risk may be too great. (Episode number incorrect)

Season 38 - Episode 1

Triumph Over Tyranny

After fleeing the capital as revolutionary fervour spread, Romanian President Nicolae Ceausescu and his wife were captured and returned to Bucharest to face the revolution's summary justice on Christmas Day 1989.

Season 37 - Episode 1

Follow My Leader

Anthony Howard reports for BBC Panorama into the thoughts and stratagems of the Conservative powerbrokers, from 1989.

Season 35 - Episode 1

Scientology: The Road to Total Freedom?

John Sweeney investigates the Church of Scientology, endorsed by some major Hollywood celebrities, but which continues to face the criticism that it is less of a religion and more of a cult.

Season 33 - Episode 1

How Much Longer?

Talks between the National Union of Mineworkers and the National Coal Board have reached stalemate. As official figures report more and more miners breaking the strike and returning to work, 'Panorama' asks strikers in Barnsley how long they believe they can continue. In the studio, National Union of Mineworkers president Arthur Scargill reaffirms his concerns over media representations of his union members.

Season 32 - Episode 1

Panorama [17/09/84]

Season 31 - Episode 1

Serpell Report

Vincent Hanna reports on future options for British Rail in light of the Serpell Report followed by a studio interview with transport secretary David Howell.

Season 30 - Episode 1

Episode 1

Season 26 - Episode 1

The Real War in Space: A Sputnik-like Event

First transmitted in 1978, this 25th anniversary edition of Panorama with Tom Mangold examines America's and Russia's dependence on military satellites.

Season 25 - Episode 1

The Alternative Prime Minister

Joined by representatives of the press, David Dimbleby chairs a discussion in which Conservative leader Margaret Thatcher outlines the policies she hopes will win her party the next election. She expresses her belief that trade unionism is a 'minority interest' and voices support for those individuals who have 'run the gauntlet' to cross picket lines. She also stresses the need to preserve the freedom of the individual and the generation of wealth through freer enterprise and less taxation.

Season 24 - Episode 1

South Armagh: Bandit Country

Season 23 - Episode 1

The New Man - Cuban Style

David Dimbleby presents a report by Denis Tuohy on the internal changes that have taken place in Cuba under Castro.

Season 22 - Episode 1

A Happy New Year?

Reporter Philip Tibbenham visits the town of Hereford to guage people's reaction to the crisis ridden festive season.

Season 20 - Episode 1


Two days ago, Britain was set on a new course when we signed the Treaty of Accession to the EEC. In Brussels, Panorama talks exclusively to the prime minister at this moment of personal triumph and asks him how he wants to shape and influence the Europe Britain is in the process of joining.

Season 19 - Episode 1


On the eve of the Conservative Party Conference, Robin Day goes to Downing Street to talk to the prime minister, the Rt Hon Edward Heath MP, about his record in office and the major problems he now faces.

Season 18 - Episode 1

Mrs Thatcher

Panorama features Nicholas Harman's film profile of Margaret Thatcher, Minister of State for Education, and a report on Zambia. Amid the controversy over new policies for comprehensive schools, Panorama follows Margaret Thatcher during an average day as Minister of State for Education. The programme includes footage of Thatcher at her homes in Kent and Chelsea, a visit to Highbury Grove Comprehensive School in Islington and an extensive interview.

Season 17 - Episode 1

Apollo 11: The Impact on Earth

Robin Day hosts this special edition of the current-affairs programme, marking man's first steps on the surface of the moon. Julian Pettifer reports on demonstrators who believe the money spent on the Apollo missions should have been used to feed the starving millions back on Earth. In the studio, contributors including science-fiction novelist Brian Aldiss debate the issues surrounding the moon landing and its possible legacy.

Season 15 - Episode 1

Panorama [02/01/67]

James Mossman interviews Richard Brigenshaw about the problems in the modern press industry.

Season 14 - Episode 1

Panorama [10/01/66]

Including a report on life and political oppression in Bahrain.

Season 13 - Episode 1

Tributes to Churchill

As viewers come to terms with the loss of a great British hero, Richard Dimbleby hosts a collection of tributes to Winston Churchill from his friends and colleagues. Contributions come from Churchill's Foreign Secretary Lord Avon (formerly Anthony Eden, his successor as Prime Minister), Lord Mountbatten, the Canadian Prime Minister Lester Pearson, Governor Harriman of the US State Department and former Prime Minister of France Paul Reynaud. The programme concludes with an item from an earlier edition of 'Panorama' on Churchill's life.

Season 12 - Episode 1

Bank Holiday Activities

Panorama tries to predict what the future holds for bank holiday activities

Season 10 - Episode 1


The news and current-affairs programme looks at the implications of the end of the Cuban missile crisis. Hosted by Richard Dimbleby, studio discussions are chaired by Robin Day in Washington and James Mossman at home, with guests including the Right Honourable Harold Wilson and the Right Honourable Earl of Home, who discuss Britain's role in the crisis. John Morgan reports from checkpoint Bravo in Berlin on whether the Soviet position there will change as a result of Khrushchev's climbdown. Sir William Hayter, a former Ambassador to Moscow, is certain that this is not the beginning of world peace.

Season 9 - Episode 1

South Africa leaves the Commonwealth

After being condemned by the Commonwealth for its apartheid regime, South Africa left and became a republic. A range of South Africans express differing views on the situation, ranging from outright defiance from some white South Africans to understandable concerns from one South African of Indian descent.

Season 8 - Episode 1

Challenge of the Sixties

Panorama reports from India, Africa, America and Russia to highlight the problems and challenges that the next ten years will bring. The contributors include the Prime Minister of India and Proffessor J. Robert Oppenheimer.

Season 7 - Episode 1

Panorama [05/01/59]

Season 6 - Episode 1

Panorama [06/01/58]

Season 5 - Episode 1

Panorama [07/01/57]

Season 4 - Episode 1

Panorama [02/01/56]

Season 3 - Episode 1

Panorama [12/01/55]

Season 2 - Episode 1

Panorama [06/01/54]

Season 1 - Episode 1

Panorama [11/11/53]

Inaugural edition. Leads with a report on the "brainwashing" of British spy Edgar Sanders after he was captured by the Soviets. Other items include a National Coal Board representative answering complaints about the quality of coal, a discussion about the state of the fishing industry and an art review section.

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Who are the main characters in Panorama? - Top Billed Cast for Panorama

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Nicky Campbell

Himself - Presenter: New York
1 episode

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David Dimbleby

Himself - Presenter
1 episode

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Nisha Pillai

Herself - Presenter: Islamabad
1 episode

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Jane Corbin

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John Sweeney

Himself - Presenter
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Who created Panorama TV series?

Panorama was created by . If you would like to see more information about the creator(s) please click their name.

Who stars in Panorama? – TV Show Cast

Here’s the main list of all the actors and actresses who star in Panorama TV series

Nicky Campbell

Himself - Presenter: New York (1 episode)

David Dimbleby

Himself - Presenter (1 episode)

Nisha Pillai

Herself - Presenter: Islamabad (1 episode)

Jane Corbin

Narrator (1 episode)

John Sweeney

Himself - Presenter (1 episode)

L. Ron Hubbard

Himself - Founder, Church of Scientology (archive footage) (1 episode)

John Travolta

Himself (archive footage) (1 episode)

Kirstie Alley

Herself (archive footage) (1 episode)

David Miscavige

Himself - Leader, Church of Scientology (archive footage) (1 episode)

Richard Bilton

Narrator (1 episode)

Veronika Hyks

Herself (1 episode)

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Camera Department

Tom Traies

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Directing Department

Tomiko Newson


Editing Department

Rachel Jupp


Production Department

Thea Guest


Tomiko Newson


Darren Kemp

Executive Producer

Katy Stead


Aidan Laverty


Andy Blackman


John Thynne

Associate Producer

Sarah Mole


What network is Panorama on?

The TV show Panorama aired on BBC One network.

What is Panorama about? – Synopsis & Plot

Current affairs programme, featuring interviews and investigative reports on a wide variety of subjects.

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